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When Vishwatma Co-Stars Divya Bharti And Sonam Compared Waist Sizes. Here’s What Happened

Actress Divya Bharti’s death in 1993 came as a shock to the country. The actress continues to be mourned by her friends and legions of fans including actress Sonam Khan. Sonam, who is better known for her work in songs like Tirchi Topi Wale inside Trideva, recently spoke about Divya Bharti in an interview with Siddharth Kannan and referred to her as a “legend”. Referring to the late actress as her only friend in the industry, Sonam said that people continue to mourn the actress and she still receives messages from Divya Bharti’s fans even today. Talking about the late star’s legacy, Sonam said, “It worked between us [Sonam and Divya Bharti] Because we were the same age. We laughed with each other and there was no competition between us. Even he knew that I was going to quit acting. She was very nice. If he were alive today, many people would be out of a job.

Giving an insight into the kind of person Divya Bharti was, Sonam described her as a “happy-go-lucky person”. “You will see very few people like him and the whole world knows that he did magic in front of the camera. Her looks were amazing and she was a very brave girl. Way ahead of his time. Irrespective of the problem, he will respond to people’s faces,” he said.

“She [Divya Bharti] A legend even today I see his fan page on Instagram. People also message me about him,” added Sonam.

Sonam even went on to share a story about Divya Bharti and her, giving fans a glimpse of their warm friendship. He said, “I still remember when we were standing in front of the mirror in Africa Bishtma was being shot. We stood in front of the mirror and checked whose waist size was smaller. I remember one such incident. he [Divya Bharti] had a smaller waist than mine.”

As mentioned above, Divya Bharti died in 1993. He was 19 years old. Divya Bharti married filmmaker Sajid Nadiadwala.



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