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Wes Anderson Hasn’t Seen Your TikToks and He Doesn’t Want To

After the release of his latest film, Asteroid City Famous Twi filmmaker Wes Anderson I sat down to talk Lee Monde to discuss all aspects of his work, including his influence on TikTok and his next film project, where he will star Benicio del Toro.

Anderson’s latest project, Asteroid City, depicts a small southwestern desert town placed under quarantine. The film depicts a narrative within a narrative, in typical Anderson style, with an eclectic cast of characters acting out a mid-century homage to the era’s love of UFO pulp science fiction art. The film featured an A-list actor Scarlett Johansson, Tom Hanks, Bryan CranstonAnd Margot RobbieAs well as Anderson regularly Jason Schwartzman. Considering the film’s emphasis on the idea of ​​quarantine, it might be safe to assume that the film got some inspiration from the Covid pandemic. But Anderson didn’t directly provide inspiration for the event, instead cheerfully noting that “…[s]Something came out of this incident.” What something Either, well, that was left unknown.

However, what Anderson’s recent interview has not informed is his recent influence on social media platforms such as Titcock, where the recent trend of ‘Anderson-ing’ has taken over seemingly ordinary events. The trend involves users creating stylized vignettes that depict simple events like going to lunch in Anderson’s signature aesthetic. The trend includes many precisely symmetrical shots and pastel-colored title pages that are unmistakably Wes Anderson. Under the trend is the use of “isolation” by almost all videos Alexandre Desplat As the backing music, Anderson is featured in a segment French dispatch.

Tilda Swinton as Dr. Hickenlooper
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Anderson is not interested in your TikTok tribute
Apparently, Anderson is not a fan of this kind of loving homage, saying, “I protect myself from it. I’d be afraid to think: ‘Do people really see my films this way?'” Anderson rejected his film’s assessment of style over substance. , saying that “[e]While form is essential, a film is first and foremost a script, a cast…” However, Anderson was kinder about other tributes to his work, e.g. Incidentally Wes Anderson Instagram account, which posts photos that look like they belong in the Anderson film. “This is one of the only tributes that touched me! These are beautiful pictures of places I want to be,” he said.

Anderson also teased his next project in the interview. Rejecting the idea that his films are becoming more and more fragmented, Anderson noted that his next film will indeed have a linear narrative. “My next feature film will be Linear,” he said. He also mentioned that it will star the film Benicio del Toro “At every shot.” However, he was not keen to reveal more about the film, saying, “It will be about espionage, father-daughter relationship and, let’s say, a dark tone.”



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