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Wendell Pierce & Michael Kelly On Having Fun With Heroism In Jack Ryan Season 4

Wendell Pierce and Michael Kelly are back Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Season 4. Pierce portrays James Greer, one of Jack Ryan’s (John Krasinski) closest compatriots, and Kelly plays Mike November, a CIA operative who takes out the trio of spies.

Jack Ryan Season 4 sees the title character rise to become acting deputy director of the CIA. When a new international threat emerges that could reveal the agency’s dirtiest secrets, Jack turns to Greer and November to help him deal with this new threat to US national security.

Screen Rant I had the pleasure of chatting with Wendell Pierce and Michael Kelly shortly after the world premiere Jack Ryan Season 4 in Boston. We discuss how Jack Ryan formed a team with Jim Greer and Mike November, how Season 4 shows a new side of Greer, and Kelly’s secret to playing the fun-loving Mike November.

About Wendell Pierce and Michael Kelly teaming up and saving Jack Ryan’s life

Jack Ryan Greer
Screen Rant: One of the things I love about your version Jack Ryan You guys are a team. Jack doesn’t really have a team in the book movie. And let’s be honest, he would have died without you.
Michael Kelly: (Laughs) Literally, yeah, yeah, he would. Yes, it’s the best thing ever. That’s the most rewarding thing about the show for me [to] Work with these two incredible actors, go to work and do it and laugh every day. But know that you’re doing great content, that’s special, man. It’s really rewarding.
Wendell Pierce: Yeah, and it shows you [how] That relationship you have is great [is]. And that’s actually reflected in the work they do at the agency, at the CIA. You rely on each other’s skills. And that’s what really builds the team.
Wendell, I love that your version of Jim Greer gave the character so much dimension. It’s even cooler that we see him interact with his family. Can you talk a little about it? We never met James Earl Jones’ family.
Wendell Pierce: Yes, and that’s what was clear in the research that we did. Many of the officers I met spoke of the strain on families. As a military family suffers, imagine being in intelligence where people have to make sure your cover isn’t blown, that what you’re doing isn’t revealed. [to] will put you in danger.
And even then, what you need to keep the family together, how work can put pressure on it. And I wanted to explore that. And I share that with John. And he said, “Yeah, we’ll fold that into the story as we go along.” So that’s the best thing about doing a series. You get to see all those different sides of the character. And then there was the origin story like this series, it opened up James Greer’s character more, and so, I was really grateful for that.

Jack Ryan Mike November

Michael, the thing I love most about Mike November is that you always seem like you’re having the most fun. What’s the key to having fun, even when you’re being shot by terrorists?

Michael Kelly: You know, and I’m going to be honest, I have a lot of fun. Michael Kelly had a lot of fun. i don’t mean [the] Third person, I just wanted to differentiate between Mike November and myself. I had a lot of fun in my life. And I think we collectively decided that you saw the transformation of Mike November from the beginning of season two to the end of season two. He becomes a different person. These two people enable her to become the person she probably always was inside. And I think, in my opinion, they brought out his good side. And then, you see it grow in the third season and then in the fourth season.
A lot of that has to do with John and John’s crazy sense of humor. So many funny one-liners and stuff that I do with John just being like, “Yo, dude, say it, do it,” you know? And it gave me a certain sense of freedom as an actor to act on my own impulses and do my own little things. To watch him grow up over the years. I gotta tell you, man, it was a treat to play such a funny character. Especially after playing such serious roles for so long. Oh my god, it was really nice to have an audience member be like, “He’s got teeth!” (Laughs) I laughed once in six years of House of Cards. Once.

I think I remember that smile.

MICHAEL KELLY: (Laughs) Being able to do that on Jack Ryan whenever I want is pretty damn cool.

It’s amazing. Listen, I wish I had an hour to talk to you Jack Ryan. Again, I love the season. I love your work. I hope you come back for maybe 5 or a season Rainbow Six spin-off

Michael Kelly: Me too, dude. Your lips are in God’s ears. Thank you.

Wendell Pierce: Good point. Thank you very much, John.

About Jack Ryan Season 4

What is Jack Ryan Season 4?As the new CIA acting deputy director, Jack Ryan is tasked with uncovering internal corruption, and in doing so, uncovers a series of suspicious black ops that could reveal the country’s vulnerability in the final season of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan.



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