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VPR Star Ariana Madix’s Friend Praises Her New Boyfriend Dan

Vanderpump’s rule Ariana Madix’s new man, Daniel Y, is getting high praise from her closest friends for the way he makes her a priority. After dealing with the fallout from Scandoval, named after her close friend Raquel Lewis’ relationship with Ariana’s ex Tom Sandoval, it was clear that Ariana needed a change in her life. While dating someone months after getting out of a nearly 10-year relationship can be tough, Ariana seems to have found a new level of peace in her time with Dan, who has been nothing but supportive of her journey. Even Ariana’s friends Vanderpump’s rule The co-stars seem to share that sentiment.

During a recent episode of Scheana Shay’s podcast, Scheananigans, Scheana, along with friends Jamie Lynn and Janet Elizabeth, spoke candidly about their experiences with Ariana and Dan. They praise him as one “Fantastic guy,” Share that they all “Obsessed with her…she’s so sweet.” Janet shared that she recently invited Ariana and Dan over for a dinner party, where Dan unexpectedly helped cook all night.

Scheana, who has spent the most time with Dan so far, was quick to praise Ariana’s new boyfriend for making sure he was comfortable and happy. “He is great,” he shook, “I’m so happy for them.” Jamie explains that after getting to know Ariana during her time with Tom, seeing her with Dan is a whole new experience. “Seeing this new side of him and everything, I was like, oh my God,” Jamie shared. “She just seems genuinely happy.”

Dan went all out for Ariana on her birthday

Vanderpump Rules Ariana Madix Daniel Y at Gov Ball NYC

For Ariana’s birthday, which was June 24, Dan threw a huge surprise with many of her closest friends. Dan invited Ariana to come to New York for some time together and promised to take her out to a fancy birthday dinner, but she got a huge surprise on the flight from Los Angeles to New York. Her close friend Brad Kearns was already waiting for her on her flight, and her other friends surprised her upon her arrival in New York. The group went to a huge music festival, The Governor’s Ball, together, and everything was pre-arranged by Dan so that Ariana could enjoy herself.

Although it’s only been a few months since Ariana found out that Tom and Raquel were in a relationship, she seems to be moving on in a fairly healthy way. With Tom’s true colors finally revealed, Ariana took time to disassociate from the relationship and ultimately chose to move on. She shares that although she was angry when she first found out, her anger quickly turned to indifference which probably made dating an easier pill for Dan to swallow. With a new guy who treats her well by her side, Ariana feels happier than ever and continues to thrive after an incredibly difficult time.

with Vanderpump’s rule As Season 11 began filming last week, it became clear that Ariana would continue to appear on the show. Questions arose as to whether Dan would appear in the popular reality TV series or whether he would continue to make off-screen appearances. While no one will know if Dan is filming for the series until someone leaks it or the show returns, it seems a safe bet that given how happy he is, Ariana will want to share the joy and love around her life. Vanderpump’s rule audience



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