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VFX Artists Find Sole Saving Grace Of Worst Alan Moore Comic Book Movie

Despite being panned by critics and rejected by original comic creator Alan Moore, VFX artists praised the use of practical effects. Awesome team of people. Based on Moore’s comic series of the same name, Great team of people Follows a group of famous 19th-century literary characters reimagined as a group of Victorian-era superheroes. Featuring a cast led by Sean Connery as adventurer Alan Quartermaine, the veteran actor later went on to claim the film’s troubled production and final quality convinced him to retire from acting altogether.

During a recent episode Corridor crewIn its “VFX Artists React” series, a trio of VFX artists spent some time discussing the techniques used to create the sequence where Stuart Townsend’s Dorian Gray races through the crumbling streets of Venice. At first wondering if the scene relied on CGI to recreate the unfolding destruction, it was instead revealed that intricately detailed 1/5 scale miniatures created the effects. While applauding the realism of the final composite, the artists suggested that the practical nature of the effects used would be a lot of fun for the crew to produce. Check out their comments starting at 11:09:

Sean Connery in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Despite opening against the box office, Jugar Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, Great team of people It managed to gross over $179 million at the worldwide box office during its 2003 theatrical run. Although its earnings would make it a commercial success, it was widely criticized for its poor performance and failure to live up to the widespread acclaim of Moore’s original comic. most of Great team of peopleIts serial legacy would go back to the behind-the-scenes tension between Connery and director Stephen Norrington.
Once intended to jumpstart its own continuing franchise, all hopes of a sequel were quickly dashed Great team of peopleHowever, in 2015, it was reported that 20th Century Fox was developing a reboot, which was intended to be female-led and more in line with the original comics’ focus on themes. dracula Character Mina Murray. Although these plans would later fall by the wayside in the wake of the Disney/Fox merger, in May 2022 it was revealed that the project was being revived. red sparrow Screenwriter Justin Heath for the Hulu streaming service.
While it’s suggested that Heath’s new script will adhere more closely to Moore’s original comics, it’s unclear if this is the final one. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 2003 will be able to overcome the distaste for the adaptation. While Moore himself has yet to comment on the reboot, the author is known for being less than enamored with Hollywood adaptations of his work and will likely be just as cynical about this latest interpretation. Through many histories, Great team of people The reboot will prove its worth when it finally arrives.


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