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TIKU WEDS SHERU is an avoidable fare.

Tiku Weds Sheru A tale of two crazy characters. Shiraz Khan Afghani alias Sheru (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) lives in Mumbai and works as a junior artist. Besides, he is also a pimp, along with fellow junior artist Anand (Mukesh Bhatt). He took the money. 10 lakhs loan from Shahid Bhai (Bipin Mishra) to make a film. He failed to return the money because he never made the film. Sheru is asked to pay the debt, otherwise Shahid’s men threaten to occupy his Mumbai house. Meanwhile Sheru’s uncle from Bhopal informs him that the family of a girl named Taslim Khan alias Tiku (Avneet Kaur) interested in marrying their daughter to him. They also plan to pay him 10 lakh as dowry. Sheru sees Tiku’s picture and falls for him. Also, she realizes that the dowry money will help her pay off her debts. Tiku is initially against marrying Sheru as she is in love with a man named Binny Arora (Rahul), who is also from Mumbai. But Binny advises Tiku that she should marry Sheru as it will help her move to Mumbai and fulfill her dream of becoming an actress. Tiku likes this idea. Also, Binny is in Mumbai and he will get a chance to stay with her. Tiku marries Sheru and they move to Mumbai. Sheru repays his debt. He lies to Tiku and his sister Sana (Khushi Bharadwaj) that the house he lives in is his temporary residence and his flat is being renovated. That very day, Tiku ran away to live with Bini. She also learns that she is pregnant with Binny’s child. Binny, however, refused to take care of the still-born child. He also informs Tiku that he is married and has a child. What happens next forms the rest of the film.

Tiku Weds Sheru

Sai Kabir’s story is clichéd and very juvenile. Sai Kabir and Amit Tiwari’s screenplay fails to hide the loose ends and flaws in the plot. The authors add too many tracks and problems and the end result is a mess. Sai Kabir and Amit Tiwari’s dialogues are fine and some of the one-liners raise laughs.

Sai Kabir aspect is poor. Earlier he directed Revolver Rani [2014], which had some problems. But at least, his execution was effective. Here, his direction goes for a toss. From the first scene, one realizes that the direction is not up to the mark. In the later scenes, however, the picture becomes a bit interesting, especially in the scenario where Tiku and Sheru get married. It’s still unbelievable but at least, it gets attention. Tiku finding out that she is pregnant is also quite dramatic and so is what happens next. Tiku and Sheru are nice for dinner and to go to the beach

How to read the film from here. Drug angle is forced. Tiku’s struggles also seem very unbelievable and frustrating. In fact, several developments are confusing and not properly explained by the manufacturers. The audience will never know what happened to Rs. How Shahid loaned Sheru 10 lakhs and later blew it. Stealing Sheru’s production car and using it multiple times is also not digestible. It’s surprising that Tiku never finds out that Sheru isn’t as rich as he is. The baby angle is unnecessary and was added just for that. This is evident by the fact that this angle becomes inconsistent at the end. In fact, the content of the films falls to another level in the climax. Cross-dressing and cross-firing simply made zero sense. Audiences are sure to wonder who on earth approved such a sub-standard script in the first place.

Talking about acting, Nawazuddin Siddiqui plays his role with utmost sincerity. He had earlier played the role of a struggler in Ghumketu [2020]. But he makes sure that the acting in this film stands out. Avneet Kaur has great screen presence and performs well. Khushi Bharadwaj is beautiful. Vipin Sharma, Mukesh Bhatt and Ghanshyam Garg (Raja Ali Khan) are fine. Rahul is rarely there for a scene. Same goes for Kangana Ranaut’s cameo appearance. Zakir Hussain (Ahmed Rizvi) and Suresh Vishwakarma (Chandresh Bhund) do well but are let down by the writing. In fact, their track is the worst part of the film.

The song is not up to the mark. ‘Mary Knows Know’ Interesting but like the rest of the song ‘Tum Se Milke’, ‘DNA Vocali’, ‘Intejar Tha’ And ‘Aitbar tha’ Not worth remembering. Aman Pant’s background score keeps the mood of the film light.

Cinematography by Fernando Gayeschi is perfect. Sheetal Sharma’s costumes are as the script demands and are good. Rakesh Yadav’s production design is of good quality. Ballu Saluja’s editing is sharp.

Overall, Tiku Weds Sheru is a can’t miss due to its silly plot and unprofessional direction.



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