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The Perfect Find Review: Union Leads Vibrant Adaptation That Is Light On Romance

It is important to note now that Numa Periyar The Perfect Find Not something we haven’t seen before. In fact, it’s all the rom-com tropes we love (or hate) combined with a high-fashion setting, which also happens to be a celebration of old-time cinema. Adapted from the book of the same name by Tia Williams, Leigh Davenport’s script sees a middle-aged woman picking up and sewing together the broken pieces of her life. Her complex new journey opens an interesting conversation about women when the world around you tells us it’s too late. Although Find the perfect one Tackling aspects of romance, its commentary on finding love late in life is pure joy.

tars as Jenna Jones, a 40-year-old successful black woman who goes into hiding after a messy public breakup and a high-profile firing from her job. Rekindling her fashion career after a year off, Jenna returns to New York to rebuild her reputation, even if it means working for her cutthroat frenemy Darcy (Gina Torres). All seems well until Jenna falls for Eric (Keith Powers), a charming, younger filmmaker and colleague. Because putting aside their differences about life is one thing, but dating under Darcy’s nose is another — especially since Eric is her son. Is this secret romance a career risk?

Periyar’s adaptation is a lively romantic comedy that serves as a small love letter to Old Hollywood, serving a great message about never giving up on your dreams, no matter how old you are. Through Jenna of Union, who spent a year hiding in her parents’ house, there is an inspiring lesson about having it all, but working hard to achieve it. Sure, these themes are as cliche as you’d expect from a romantic comedy, but they’re never presented in a way that feels silly or condescending. Periyar’s visual flairs help reinforce the messaging and take seriously both the commentary on finding love later in life and overcoming generational differences.

The film well demonstrates the complexities of dating when the individuals have an age gap. What can two people separated for ages actually have in common? Davenport’s script asks these questions in an appropriately humorous way, but more importantly, answers them with a subtlety and attention to detail that we don’t often see onscreen. While answering these questions, it enables us to witness some bickering between Jenna and Eric that is realistic and fun. Thanks for always acting from the great and reliable union, and the civil force, The Perfect Find Good rom-coms offer entertainment that you can appreciate.

Despite these moments being set between the two leads, The Perfect Find A little more light on romance. In particular, Union and Powers don’t have the chemistry we’ve come to expect from rom-coms of this nature. Perhaps this is a reflection of the characters’ need to keep their relationship a secret and to keep a script and direction short of blunders, but it’s still a weakness. Nevertheless, Perrier seizes other opportunities for the director’s imagination and creativity, such as the portrayal of Nina Mae Meaney, an Old Hollywood African American actress, and a scene of Jenna and Eric’s affection. When romance fails, these creative decisions make for a lively viewing experience.

A blend of dependable themes and creative direction, The Perfect Find A good entry in the Netflix romantic comedy catalog. Not only are we treated to messaging related to finding love later in life, but Davenport’s script offers an inspiring reminder that you’re never too old to start over. While focusing on romance, director Numa Periyar showcases great moments of creativity that are easy on the eyes and entertaining. And thanks to the great performances of Gabrielle Union and Gina Torres, who play the easily-fearful frenemies, you can see that this easy-to-watch romantic comedy is worth watching this weekend.

The Perfect Find Available now to stream on Netflix. The film is 99 minutes long and is not rated.



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