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The Little Mermaid Box Office Passes Half A Billion (But Is It Enough?)

Little mermaidof The live-action remake is swimming against the tide at the box office despite hitting a major milestone. The movie, which is a revival of the 1989 animated feature, follows Ariel (Haley Bailey) as she exchanges her voice with the sea witch Ursula (Melissa McCarthy) to explore the human world. While the film had a solid domestic opening weekend of $95.5 million and continues to perform well domestically, it continues to drag its feet in international markets.

The little mermaid The box office has crossed a huge milestone at the worldwide box office. By the end of today, the movie will cross the $500 million mark. However, while it looks like a gross run of around $525 million, the movie may not end up in the black considering its expensive $250 million price tag, in addition to extensive promotion and advertising costs.

How The Little Mermaid Compares to Other Disney Live-Action Remakes

Ariel drowns in The Little Mermaid

Little mermaid Its box office prospects look especially dire compared to other recent remakes of Disney Renaissance classics. Of the 10 titles released between 1989 and 1999, Disney has already remade five. little mermaid. when mulan The box office gross was less than that mermaidThis was due to a limited theater run due to COVID-19 closures in early 2020. Other MoviesAladdin, Beauty and the Beast And lion king – all grossed over $1 billion worldwide by the end of their respective runs.

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2010’s Live-Action Alice in Wonderland Also in the $1 billion club. Apart from these four films, little mermaid Even surpassed by 2015 forest book ($966.6 million), as of 2014 Maleficent ($758.4 million), and probably in 2015 cinderella ($542.4 million). This would make it the eighth highest-grossing Disney live-action remake overall.

But its budget little mermaid This means that some of the movies below the list will be more profitable even with lower grosses. For example, in 1996 101 Dalmatians It grossed only $320.7 million, but its budget was a whopping $67 million. Even with its half billion swallows, little mermaid Perhaps most comparable to 2019 will end up having a run dumbowhich fell short with a total of $353.3 million against its $170 million budget.



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