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The Kardashians: How Many Episodes Are Left & When The Finale Airs

The Kardashians Season 3 premiered on Hulu in late May. Since then, five episodes of the hit series have aired on the streaming platform. Although several episodes have already been released, there is still a lot of drama to come.

In its most recent episode The Kardashians, Kim Kardashian, with the help of her stylist Danielle Levy, worked to finish her Dolce & Gabbana collaboration. Amidst her excitement, Kourtney Kardashian returned home, revealing how upset she was about Kim’s latest work project. Kourtney felt that Kim was copying her recent marriage to Travis Barker by working with the famous fashion designer. Kim believed that she had carefully ensured that her collaboration would in no way mimic Kourtney’s marriage. Although the arguments on both sides were expressed, the fallout between the two is yet to be seen. But it was teased in the preview of the upcoming episode.

How many episodes will the Kardashians season 3 have?

The fashion feud between Kim and Kourtney is some of the drama that has yet to premiere from the new season. This means there are still some episodes left to air. According to Disney Plus InformerWhen Hulu announced the premiere The Kardashians Season 3, it was also revealed that the installment will consist of 10 brand new, hour-long episodes. As five episodes have already aired, four are brand new episodes The Kardashians Season 3 is still to come before the end of this summer. Episode 5 airs on June 22, 2023. Episode 6 follows on Thursday 29 June.

When does the Kardashians season 3 end?

Kim Kardashian of the Kardashians smiles and Kendall Jenner looks down

Every episode of it The Kardashians Debuting on streaming platform Hulu every Thursday at 12:00 a.m. ET, the show will have four more consecutive weeks, with four more episodes lined up for release. therefore, The Kardashians The season 3 finale will air on Thursday, July 27. The titles of the remaining episodes are yet to be revealed.

Although The Kardashians With four more episodes left in Season 3, that doesn’t mean the Kardashian family will be leaving TV screens anytime soon. After the conclusion of the current season, another 20 brand new episodes have been confirmed for the show. This will be two more seasons The Kardashians For fans to look forward, assuming each season consists of ten episodes.



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