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The INSIDE story of how Kangana Ranaut did a Simran and Manikarnika with Tiku Weds Sheru; FORCED several changes in the film much against the wishes of director Sai Kabir : Bollywood News


Nawazuddin Siddiqui-starrer Kaur Tiku Weds Sheru Released June 23 on Amazon Prime Video. Produced by Kangana Ranaut, the film received appreciation among a small section of the audience. But several viewers and most critics condemned the film for its plot and direction. Bollywood Hungama It is learned that Kangana has made major changes in the script. But instead of enhancing its appeal, it hurts the film more.

The Inside Story of How Kangana Ranaut Did Simran and Manikarnika with Tiku Weds Sheru; Director Sai forced several changes in the film against Kabir’s wishes

A source said Bollywood Hungama, “There is a big difference between the final product versus the narrated script. The flavor of the film was something else. The effect is gone since he has changed so much. It has damaged the film.”

The source explained, “There was no continuity. When Tiku agrees to marry Sheru, she is seen speaking in broken English. Later, in the beach sequence, he speaks impeccable English, as if he’s graduated from Oxford. His character was naive and predictable crazy But he comes across as very smart in the film.”

A unit member said, “In this film, Kangana was the super-director and her brother Akshat Ranaut was the associate producer. And it’s ironic because Kangana is the one who raised the issue of nepotism and actors hiring their family members in films.”

The source then added, “Tiku started the film by writing a poem. The director was against it Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge-type scene because it made no sense and didn’t contribute to the film in any way. Nevertheless, it was added. Several changes were also made in the first half regarding Tiku’s family and Sheru’s friend. Kangana, however, edited several of their scenes which could have improved the film. Sai Kabir was struck by these changes.”

When asked why Sai Kabir didn’t object, the source replied, “How could he? In the past, Kangana Ranaut was just an actress Simran (2017) and Manikarnika (2019) And yet, he had his way and made a difference. inside ManikarnikaHe fired the director. While the directors of those films had to bow before Kangana, here she is the producer. How dare poor Sai Kabir?”

The source further revealed, “There was a time when Kangana used to address Sai as ‘Sir’. Later started calling him ‘you’ And then he would address him ‘you’

Another member of the unit came forward with a complaint about Sai Kabir, “He didn’t shoot the climax. Action director Sunil Rodriguez had no choice but to direct the scene. This is because Sai was very drunk, and after a while he passed out. There was utter chaos. The actors were thinking,’Kya ho raha hai?’ No wonder the audience was shocked by the absurdity of the climax.”



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