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The Flash’s Ezra Miller Protective Order Expires, Star Slams Media Reports

A year has passed since the situation, Flash Star Ezra Miller’s protective order from a Massachusetts family has officially ended. After the DC Universe movie wrapped production, Miller became the subject of several controversial headlines as they were arrested multiple times in Hawaii on various charges and a family accused of molesting their 12-year-old child. The child’s mother accused Miller of showing up at the family’s home unexpectedly, wearing a bulletproof vest, brandishing a gun and “to disturb“Children, including”uncomfortably“Touching the child’s hips.

Last date Now comes word that the temporary protective order brought against Miller has been lifted after the family filed against them failed to appear in court and as such has expired. Flash The star shared a statement with the publication, celebrating the outcome of the case and condemning media reports over the past year that they “false claim“And urging journalists to do better. Check out Miller’s screenshotted statement below:

Statement by Ezra Miller

Can Miller bounce back from their controversy?

    Ezra Miller crying as Barry Allen in The Flash movie

While the expiration and lifting of the protective order is another positive step on their journey back into a bright spotlight, the question now is whether Miller can fully bounce back from the controversies stemming from their mental health issues. Earlier, the actor had several meetings with Warner Bros FlashIts release, in hopes of repairing their relationship, is seemingly succeeding as they return for additional filming and receive public support from new DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn.

Gunn also indicated that Flash will begin planning his new DC Universe Superman: Legacy With this year Aquaman and the Lost KingdomAlso confirms that Xolo Maridueña’s Blue Beetle will be the first superhero “Definitely” continue on the franchise. Jason Momoa has often teased that he and Gunn have talked about keeping him in the DCU, and the latter confirmed actors will only play one character, seemingly confirming that Aquaman’s future is secure.

Miller’s DCU future is much more unclear, especially later Flash First two weeks of release. In addition to garnering mixed reviews from critics, the film struggled at both the international and domestic box office, grossing only $217 million against its $220 million production budget at the time of writing. The WB stands to lose $200 million after the bombshell, and it may take more time before audiences are ready to return to screens due in part to the fallout from Miller’s controversy.



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