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‘The Bachelorette 20’: Charity Lawson’s 25 Suitors

Bachelorette is back for season 20! Releasing Monday, June 26 at 9 p.m ABC, Charity Lawson ready to hand over her rose and Bachelor Nation We gave the inside scoop on new suitors. Charity Lawson was the runner-up Zach Shallcross‘s 27th season unmarried and became a fan favorite. Charity told a child and family therapist our weekly That she is looking for someone with a sense of humor, who knows what they want and who can be their authentic self. Charity was featured on The Jennifer Hudson Show Back and May and the fourth black Bachelorette and the second monoracial African American talked about how honored it was to have the opportunity to find love. The Columbus, Georgia native is looking for a love that rivals her parents, who have been married for more than 47 years. So who has the chance to court charity and make her fairytale romance come true? Let’s take a look at its suitors.

Aaron b.

Aron B-1
Hailing from San Diego, California, Aaron B. A 29-year-old software salesman. He is a self-taught violinist and pianist and wears his heart on his sleeve. The former football player fears wasps, but hopes his connection to the charity can be as sweet as honey.
Aaron S.
Aaron SAnother native of San Diego, California, Aaron S. A 33-year-old firefighter. Aaron enjoys the outdoors, paddleboarding and occasionally cage diving with great white sharks. His favorite movies are Austin Powers and it’s Groovy, Baby. He may put out the fire, but he hopes he doesn’t put out his chance with charity.


adrianadrian A 33-year-old single father from Northridge, California. He’s a realtor with a large, blended family who believes he still has true love. Her main goal is to share goals and grow old with someone, and her biggest achievement is her fitness transformation. So much so, that he currently helps others achieve them as a personal trainer. Will he be a lifelong charity spotter?


brayden-1One of the youngest in the list, Brayden A 24-year-old travel nurse from San Diego, California. Having previously been unlucky in long-term relationships, Brayden is excited about the chance to date Charity. He even hopes they can learn to salsa dance together and that he will love her dog, River, as much as she does. Maybe Brayden and Charity are ready to start a life together.

Caleb A.

calebFrom the other side of the country, Caleb A. A resident physician in Ann Harbor, Michigan. The 29-year-old doctor has an unnamed pet salamander, works 80-hour weeks and de-stresses by hiking home or getting takeout. Caleb hopes to have Charity’s coronary artery, so she can be wrapped around his heart.

Caleb b.

Caleb b

Florida Man Caleb B. A pro wrestler from Orlando. He is a 24-year-old villain (only in the wrestling ring) who is hoping to get his paragliding certification and be able to express his romantic side. Caleb B. likes his chances to win CharityMania 20.


Chris-1The 27-year-old native of White Plains, New York is a world record jumper. Chris There are two world records – one for the highest standing box jump and the other for the highest standing back flip. When she’s not jumping, she likes to watch Grey’s Anatomy and pick apples. Will Chris achieve a third world record for the biggest romance of Charity’s life?


dotFrom Brooklyn, New York, dot A 30-year-old integrative medical consultant. Dotun comes from a large Nigerian family that immigrated to the United States as a child. He has been known to take spontaneous 45-day trips around Europe and would prefer to head the CIA if he had the choice. Dotun hopes the charity will fall in love with him as much as his airline mileage carrier loves him.


JamesJames A 28-year-old attorney from Chicago, Illinois. He speaks adequate French, loves Olivia Rodrigo, and is known as a romantic. It’s not like him to hand-write love letters to his partner and take them on picnic dates. Charity, don’t sue James if he steals your heart!


JoeThe 32-year-old director of tech operations lives in San Francisco, California. Joe A peanut butter M&M-loving crowd ready to settle down. He likes to frequent EDM festivals, go hiking, and watch his plants. James hopes for a budding romance between him and Charity.


joeyjoey A tennis pro from Lawai, Hawaii looking for love. He spent his days under the sun and shared his passion for tennis. He likes the Green Bay Packers and looks up to the stars. With any luck, Charity will meet Joey, and it will be a game, set, match.


JohnData scientist in New York, New York loves re-reading Harry Potter and learning the latest TikTok dance trends. 27 years old John Been to five of the seven continents so far and hoping to find someone to enjoy the Negroni with. He can crunch the numbers, but can he count his chances with charity forever?

John Henry

John Henry

Joehn Henry A 30-year-old underwater welder from Virginia Beach, Virginia. He loves a good pumpkin spice latte and hits the gym when he’s not working out. He has only seen 20 movies in his entire life, but is willing to expand with the right person. Can John Henry’s love for charity run deeper than the ocean?


joshHarvard grad student, josh, 28 years old and from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He gave up his grad program at Harvard and his career options to work on Wall Street to start working for a nonprofit that provides affordable housing. Josh’s favorite holiday is Easter, and he is very close to his family and two brothers. He’s recently been accepted to Harvard for the second time, and he’s also looking for Ivy League-type love with Charity.

who is caleb

Caleb k tomorroweb who. is from Norcross, Georgia and is a construction salesman. The 26-year-old is a former Division I football player and would love to coach high school football. Please don’t ask her how she feels about mayonnaise though! Kaleb K. is hoping he doesn’t drop the ball with Charity and they find love together.



A 28-year-old tech recruiter from Dearborn, Michigan who can teleport at will. Khalid Loves going to the gym, spending time with his large family and wants to own his own farm one day. Khalid hopes with the charity by his side, he can go from farmer to jolly rancher and live happily ever after.


MichaelAnother Chicago, Illinois native, Michael A 28-year-old yacht captain. When she’s not traveling, she’s spending time with her grandfather, and she wants her own tight-knit family one day. He won’t date you if you like mushrooms on your pizza, so watch the charity! Will Michael find his first mate in Charity?



nick A 32-year-old HR executive from Bayonne, New Jersey. He is an army veteran who loves to cook and is afraid of tigers. In five years, she wants to live in Shanghai with her future family. Nick is reporting for duty and hopes to succeed in his mission to win Charity’s heart



peter An airline pilot from New York, New York. He is 33 years old, addicted to Chapstick and loves to play pickleball. He has been described as the life of the party and the GOAT of Mario Kart. Peter is looking for love on his first flight with Charity, so he’ll pack his bags.


SeanSean A 25-year-old software sales representative from Tampa, Florida He is the father of a French bulldog puppy and just bought his first home. He enjoys golfing and boating with his friends. Sean hopes that Charity will be by his side forever, and his Frenchie.


Spencer-1From Moorpark, California, spencer A 32-year-old medical sales director. He is a single father who dreams of running for political office one day. His hero is Anthony Bourdain and he likes to ride his bike by the sea. He may be a father, but expecting the charity to choose him is no joke!


TannerTanner A 30-year-old mortgage lender from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is a fitness instructor and part of a family that has rescued over 50 dogs together. She loves golden retrievers and hates a messy kitchen. Tanner thinks that Charity and he can be perfect together, it’s Dognone.


taylorThis 32-year-old loan officer hails from Springboro, Ohio. taylor A self-proclaimed clown who takes her body and diet seriously. He likes to surprise his partner by making small gestures like having breakfast in bed. Taylor is hoping that there is no lack of interest between him and the charity, but he is confident in his prospects.


WarwickFrom Nashville, Tennessee, Warwick A 27-year-old construction manager. He is very close to his family, a bit reserved and loves Legos. He is extremely proud of his Japanese roots and loves to travel there to immerse himself in the culture. If Warwick gets a chance with charity, he’ll never do Lego.


XavierXavier A 27-year-old biomedical scientist from Carrboro, North Carolina. Xavier likes to knit and builds his own computer for video games. He is very close to his mother and wants to have a successful marriage like his parents. Xavier hopes that he and Charity will weave together effortlessly.

bachelorette Season 20 premieres Monday, June 26 at 9 pm EST on ABC. New episodes air weekly.



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