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SATYAPREM KI KATHA is a progressive film that rests on the towering performances, strong second half and the message.

What is true love? The story of an unusual couple. true love (Karthik AryanLives in Prahlad Nagar, Ahmedabad with his father Narayan (Gajraj Rao), mother Diwali (Supriya Pathak Kapoor) and sister Sejal (Shikha Talsania). He tried to pursue law but failed the entrance exam multiple times. Narayan also could not do much in life. Diwali and Sejal run the house with their dance classes. Satyaprem wants to get married but since he is not earning, no one is willing to tie the knot with him. In the meantime he spoke (Kiara Advani) met him a year ago during Navratri. At that time, she tells him that she has no chance as she is dating Tapan (Arjun Aneja). Still, Satyaprem eagerly waits for this year’s Navratri so that he can bump into her again. On top of that, her hopes rise as she learns that Katha has broken up with Tapan. On D-Day, he reaches the venue only to realize that Kaatha is nowhere to be seen. His father Harikishen (Siddharth Randeria) tells Satyaprem that he is at home as he is not well. Narayan advises Satyaprem to go to his house as he will be alone. Satyaprem does so and sees Katha trying to commit suicide. He immediately rushed her to the hospital and saved her life. Harikishen is impressed by Satyaprem and decides to fix Katha’s marriage with the former. Both get married and avoid consummation. She doesn’t let Satyaprem sleep with her on the pretext that she snores loudly. One day, Satyaprem asks her if she is trying to avoid him. This is when Katha drops the bomb. What happens next forms the rest of the film.

Karan Srikanth Sharma’s story may sound clichéd but Unexpected Land is also progressive. Karan Srikanth Sharma’s screenplay is neat and most importantly, sensitive. Karan Srikanth Sharma’s dialogues also complement the script. A few dialogues are very funny while certain one-liners in the second half are sharp.

Sameer Vidwan’s instruction is exemplary. He has done justice to the challenging issue at hand and handled it right. Despite such a story, he adds commercial elements in such a way that it doesn’t seem out of place. In doing so, he gave the film a mainstream appeal. It is beautiful how love blossoms between true love and words. This aspect along with the message will be taken wholeheartedly by the female audience.

On the flipside, the film is too long and could be shortened. Some things are not believable. For example, why did Satyaprem wait until the next Navratri to meet Katha? He could have tried to be friends in the interim since he lived in the same city. While the audience knows what Satyaprem and his family members do (or don’t do) for a living, there is absolutely no mention of Katha, his educational qualifications and his life goals. Lastly, PYAAR KA PUNCHNAMA’s attempt to pay homage to the monologue seems compelling.

Satyaprem Ki Katha begins on a subtle note that explains the life of Satyaprem and his dilemma. The scenes between the father and son are funny, with Narayan telling Satyaprem about Katha’s breakup and the two of them discussing how Satyaprem should reply to Katha’s text messages. The suicide attempt track is interesting. Things get more interesting when Satyaprem gets married and Katha avoids him. After the interval, things took a serious turn. A conversation between the two on the roof as well as a revelation of words. The Kashmir track will make the audience laugh and teary eyed as well. The ending is dramatic and justified.

Talking about acting, Karthik Aryan shows remarkable improvement as an actor. He acts with skill and the audience is sure to fall in love with his character, thanks to the way he essays the part. Kiara Advani also gave an outstanding performance. He doesn’t go overboard and that adds to the effect. Gajaraj Rao is adorable. Supriya Pathak Kapoor is beautiful and her scene with Karthik is heartwarming and the one where she scolds Gajraj deserves applause. Siddharth Randeria (credited with an amazing special appearance) left a huge mark. Shikha Talsania has limited screen time but does well. Anuradha Patel (Rasna) is fine. Nirita Sawant (Christmas Aunty) scores a cameo. Rajpal Yadav (Dudhia) smiles. Arjun Aneja has an important part but little. Myra Doshi (Kinjal; Kathar’s sister) and Palash Tiwari (Dhiraj; Kinjal’s husband) don’t stand a chance.

What is true love? Official trailer Karthik Aryan Kiara Advani

The songs are lively but the film has too many of them ‘Who’s left today’ Well shot and tuned. ‘lucky her’ interesting times ‘Gujju Pataka’ energetic ‘Pasuri Nu’ Does not affect but comes at an important juncture. ‘rest of the night’ And ‘Le Aunga’ not memorable ‘Surya Sajni’ The end credits are played. Hitesh Sonic’s background score is apt.

Ayananka Bose’s cinematography is creative and the way she captures a few shots is commendable. Both Kashmir and Ahmedabad are beautifully depicted in the film. Rajat Poddar’s production design in the songs is realistic, it’s great. Aki Narula’s outfits for Kartik Aaryan and Natasha Vohra’s outfits for Kiara Advani are straight out of life and yet glamorous. Sachin Lovalekar’s costumes for the rest of the characters are believable. Charushree Roy’s editing could have been sharper.

Overall, Satyaprem Ki Katha is a progressive film based on the grand performances, strong second half and the message it conveys. At the box office, there is an opportunity to attract families as the target audience. The lack of competition till Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani releases on July 28 will further help its box office prospects.



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