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Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken Review: Endearing Animated Story Could’ve Gone Deeper

Being a teenager is hard. Countless movies and television shows have been devoted to that fact. DreamWorks’ latest animated feature posits the same thing, but with a unique twist: It’s hard to be a teenager, but it’s harder to be a teenage Kraken. more difficult. Ruby Gilman, Teenage Kraken Its title blends fantasy with reality in depicting the heroine’s journey of self-discovery and growth. Clocking in at a very slim hour and a half, Kirk DeMicco’s movie (co-directed by Faryn Pearl) is sometimes too fast for its own good, and anyone who’s seen a single trailer will already know its biggest plot twist. Despite all this, Ruby Gilman, Teenage Kraken Saved by a stunning voice cast and sweet descriptions of family, especially when it comes to its central mother-daughter duo.

Ruby Gilman (Lana Condor) is your typical teenager, struggling with schoolwork and anxiety-inducing crushes. Compounding these issues is the simple fact that Ruby, like the rest of her family, is a Kraken. Often imagined by humans as ship-sinking monsters, the Gilmans have made their lives on land to protect themselves from the truly terrifying creatures of the deep: mermaids. At the start of the movie though, Ruby’s biggest problem is her inability to ask her crush (Jabuki Young-White) to prom, an event her mother Agatha (Toni Collette) won’t let her attend because it’s over water. Ruby’s proposal goes horribly wrong and results in her landing in the ocean, which unlocks her inherited Kraken powers.

Ruby Gilman, the voice of Jane Fonda and Lana Condor in Teenage Kraken
Ruby Gilman, the voice of Jane Fonda and Lana Condor in Teenage Kraken

Eventually, Ruby meets her grandmother (Jane Fonda), a warrior queen who rules the sea and protects her people from mermaids. Although Ruby initially wants nothing to do with his birthright, a new friendship with Chelsea (Annie Murphy), a beautiful Ariel-esque mermaid, pushes the young Kraken to accept his role under the sea and try to heal the rift of the past. Conflict between mermaids and krakens Ruby Gilman Fairly black-and-white, with little room for nuance, thus leaving more complex ideas for the strained relationship between Ruby and Agatha, and, to a lesser extent, Agatha and her mother. Agatha wants to keep Ruby safe from her underwater heritage, which upsets the teenager. The two have an uneasy bond Ruby GilmanIts beating heart; It’s certainly more satisfying than the relationship between Agatha and her mother, which seems like a years-long feud that finally shines through.

That’s it Ruby Gilman, Teenage KrakenIts biggest flaw: it doesn’t go beyond the surface-level. As Ruby becomes more involved with the ocean and her growing friendship with fellow sea creature Chelsea, her relationship with the human world is severed, lessening the overall impact of her stress. Ruby is supposed to be torn between two worlds, but there comes a point where one world rules over all. While her friends become little more than stock figures in and out of the story, Ruby’s family becomes a fully realized group that further contributes to the strength of her bond with her mother. His father (Coleman Domingo) is relentlessly supportive, while his brother (Blue Chapman) provides some comic relief with his goofy Uncle Brill (Sam Richardson). Gillmans are all rendered with solid animation that delicately smooths their limbs (no bones!) to emphasize their inhumanity and their unique gaits. Ruby Gilman, Teenage Kraken May not be the most visually stunning animated movie of the year, but there’s plenty of color and originality to be found.

Ruby Gilman, voiced by Annie Murphy and Lana Condor in Teenage Kraken
Ruby Gilman, voiced by Annie Murphy and Lana Condor in Teenage Kraken

Ruby Gilman Helped greatly by a truly stacked voice cast. Best known for Condor, the leading Netflix hit To all boys The movie trilogy reflected all of Ruby’s carefree and eager attitude, displaying the same endearing versatility she displayed in the aforementioned rom-coms. He feels perfectly cast here. Fonda and Colette are both predictably tough, Fonda especially showing just the right amount of arrogance for a queen. Murphy certainly seems to be channeling Sheets CreekIts Alexis in her performance, but it fits Chelsea’s character well and gives the Emmy winner a chance to push her comedic talents vocally. Domingo and Richardson are among the most distinctive members of the group.

Ruby Gilman, Teenage KrakenIts story could have used a better rounded approach, but the strength of its cast and character dynamics make for a solidly entertaining watch. As such it is surrounded by more ambitious animated features Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse And basic, it seems somewhat inevitable that this DreamWorks offering won’t make much of an impact. However, those willing to take a chance on Ruby Gilman may be charmed by her spirit.

Ruby Gilman, Teenage Kraken Now playing in theaters. It is 90 minutes long and is rated PG for some action, crude humor and thematic material.

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