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Prisoner’s Daughter Review: Kate Beckinsale and Brian Cox Can’t Save Muddled Drama


In a month filled with blockbuster releases, Prisoner’s daughter Quietly sneaks into theaters as a small-scale drama about second chances and toxic patterns. It’s a laudable goal, and with Brian Cox And Kate Beckinsale In the lead role, the movie had everything for an emotional exploration of the hardships of everyday life. unfortunately, Catherine HardwickeIts latest movie is a misfire, pulled by a script that’s stiff, contradictory and ultimately boring.

inside Prisoner’s daughter, Cox plays Max, a former mob enforcer who has spent the last twelve years in prison. Although Max has made a lot of money through violence, he is respected by the warden who appreciates the inmate’s commitment to guiding his colleagues in the pacification program. This is why, after Max is diagnosed with terminal cancer, he opts to spend his last few months under house arrest instead of rotting in a cell. The problem is Max’s only family is his daughter, Maxine (Beckinsell), whom he hasn’t spoken to since his arrest. To complicate matters, Maxine currently has an epileptic son, Ezra (Christopher Convery), dealing with her drug-addicted ex-husband (Tyson Ritter), and fear of eviction due to his struggle to pay his mortgage. Still, Maxine eventually agrees to take her father in, setting off a family drama that doesn’t do justice to her curious idea.

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‘The Prisoner’s Daughter’ is beset by confusing messages and conflicting themes

Kate Beckinsale as Maxine and Brian Cox as Max in Prisoner's Daughter.
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As expected, Max’s journey out of prison involves confronting his past crimes and making up for lost time. At the same time, Maxine is invited to forgive her father and realize how she also made bad choices that are now coming back to haunt her. There are many ways to tackle this story such as turning it into a story of redemption or using the complex relationship between Max and Maxine to show how people can be trapped in a cycle of violence. unfortunately, Mark BacchiIts script does not have a clear path. Instead, the story constantly tries to uphold contradictory moral messages and contradicts itself by being weighed down by its ambitions.

We can feel at every turn of the story Prisoner’s daughter Trying to be clever and sensitive. However, the lack of consistency between the scenes results in a film that tries to promote non-violence and at the same time shows how violence solves complex problems. Likewise, while individual moments underscore how second chances can lead to meaningful human relationships, Prisoner’s daughter Shows how people cannot change and repeat their mistakes. While it uncovers the enormous challenges facing poverty related to job stability and access to the US health care system, every major problem facing the protagonists is solved in the quickest imaginable way.

In short, it seems like the story for Prisoner’s daughter Born from a compelling idea that Bacci couldn’t develop each new scene without making it more bland and predictable than the last, hoping that the underlying melodrama of the premise would be enough to elevate a mediocre script. And when the material is as weak as it is weak Prisoner’s daughterEven a solid performance can’t save it.

Cox and Beckinsale get lost in ‘Prisoner’s Daughter’

Brian Cox in Prisoner's Daughter
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Without question, the cast is the highlight of the film as Cox and Beckinsale approach their respective parts with sincerity and commitment. Unfortunately, the absence of nuance in the script hampers the duo’s repeated attempts to add more layers to their characters. On top of that, its dialogue Prisoner’s daughter Often leans toward ready-made lines that drain any human warmth that Cox or Beckinsale try to give Max and Maxine.

It is also important to underline how Convery is wasted Prisoner’s daughter. In a movie full of one-dimensional characters, Ezra’s flatness makes the young actor stick out like a sore thumb in an already mediocre story. To add insult to injury, Convery was constantly forced to deliver one-liners that were supposed to be funny but uncreative at best. These flawed attempts at humor don’t fit the tone of the movie and drag the whole experience down. Furthermore, they only damage Convery’s character, turning him into a paper-thin caricature of a teenager.

Fans of Cox and Beckinsale’s work can still enjoy a few moments Prisoner’s daughter, the overall lack of polish in the script makes for a dull experience filled with inconsistencies. Sadly, when a family drama can only be as strong as its story, the focus is lacking Prisoner’s daughter Completely destroys its cast.



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