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‘One Piece’s Cast on How Long They Want the Live-Action Series to Last

One of the biggest reveals that Netflix fans were most excited to see during TUDUM last weekend was any news about their upcoming adaptation. One Piece, a long-running manga and anime series that has captivated tens of thousands of fans worldwide. Aside from bringing out the main cast Inaki Godoy, Mackenzie, Emily Rudd, Jacob Romero GibsonAnd Taj Skylar In Brazil for the event, the streamer also unveiled the series’ first trailer and a release date that’s just on the horizon.

After unveiling the trailer, Collider had the chance to talk to the main cast about their favorite anime series, what they expect. One Piece able to complete the live-action adaptation, how long they want it to last, their favorite set pieces and the location of Cape Town, and how similar their characters are. You can read the full interview below or watch it above:

Collider: First of all, congratulations on the placement One Piece Together we saw the first trailer yesterday, and we are very excited. I’m a fan, so I can tell you that! First of all I want to ask you, are you a fan of anime? I know Emily likes anime, so to start, what anime do you like?

MacNeue: Give me that mic!

Emily Rudd: [Laughs] Let him begin.

Mackenzie: Who are you asking? I’m Japanese! Am I a fan of anime? I grew up on anime!

Image via Netflix

I have a specific question for you. Let me skip ahead. you did Knights of the Zodiacyou did Rurouni Kenshin [Final Chapter Part I – The Final]you did Full Metal Alchemistyou did brave [Gunjyo Senki]And Tokyo Ghoul. You did it all, man! Are there any anime adaptations that you would like to do in the future?

McNew: You know, it’s not something I want to do, but one of my favorite anime is Hunter × Hunter, which I prefer. So, to shout Hunter × Hunter!

Who will you play?

Mackenzie: I won’t play anyone!

For the rest of you, which anime do you like?

Taj Skyler: I’m a fan three times. It’s a good show!

RUDD: Yo, yes! It’s a great show!

Skyler: We used to get a lot of anime on TV in Spain.

Inaki Godoy: Before doing One Piece, I haven’t really watched much anime. After filming a piece, I got more anime. to be honest a piece My thing. i tried Chainsaw ManI think it’s really cool, but it’s a little too violent for me.

RUDD: Yeah, that’s a big jump One Piece.

GODOY: I’m starting Monster Slayer Right now, I was watching it on the plane, and I really, really liked the first episode. I was very good at it. So, I think I’m sticking with it Monster Slayer And a piece For a while. I think it will take me some time. Attack on Titan I heard great!

RUDD: Attack on Titan or Jujutsu Kaisen. if you like Monster Slayer You will too JJK.

Skyler: There’s a show Jiu-Jitsu Kaisen?

RUDD: jujutsu. So close, man.

Is it your favorite?

RUDD: My favorite anime is called Made in Abyss but i love Monster Slayer And JJK, Tokyo Ghoul. I have seen too many to name them all.

I think they are mandatory, right?

RUDD: Oh, absolutely. I am naming the ones that are basic, like, if you want to learn, you go into them but yes, Made in Abyss I would say, my top.

One-Piece-Emily-Rood-Social-FeaturedImage via Netflix

So what are you most excited about when people see you? One Piece Finally premiered?

Jacob Gibson: Oh, God. I mean, sea animals are one of my favorite things. They had a special effect on the marine animal and killed it. Action, really good action sequences!

McEnaw: Thank you.

Gibson: [Laughs]

GODOY: I’m so excited to see the amazing characters for everyone One Piece. I think everyone in the cast did an amazing job with their characters, and I’m so excited to be able to bring the Straw Hats to even more people and relive those amazing iconic moments for those who are already fans.

So I see that you have very positive and great energy like Luffy, right? Is he very different from you, or are you the type where you always have that energy?

Skyler: Oh, he is! [Laughs]

Gibson: He certainly is!

McAneau: You were Luffy from the start.

GODOY: I think I have a lot of Luffy inside me. I’ve always been a very energetic person, that’s for sure. I love to celebrate, I love to eat. I feel like her in many ways. I also feel I can learn a lot from him. Unlike Luffy, sometimes I second guess myself, and I have insecurities. I think when I play Luffy, I feel inspired to be stronger and braver. So I share a lot with Luffy and I can learn a lot from him.

One-piece-Inaki-Dodayo-Social-CharacteristicsImage via Netflix

It’s great, it’s great. I want to ask you now, did any of you get a chance to talk to (producer) Ichiro Oda before filming?

Godoy: I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Oda. I can’t go into too much detail about it, but I had a chance to interact with him.

RUDD: I also got to meet Oda-sensei, and that was easily the scariest I’ve ever been. [laughs]. He’s a nice dude, but you know, he’s like God, you know?

GODOY: Oh my God!

RUDD: So I was like, “Oh man… Hello, nice to meet you,” just shaking.

I wouldn’t say “sort of”. He is a god.

RUDD: No, okay, okay, okay. I was being soft on that, but you’re right, you’re right.

So you’re obviously not going to do 1,000 episodes, right? Because live-action is much more expensive, but Taj, how long do you want this series to go on?

Skyler: I want it to go on until it feels like it’s over so that we’re all happy—and by us, I mean the greater “us” of the five of us and every single person involved. I want everyone to be proud of where we ended up. I don’t want it to end short, and I don’t want it to run long. This is my ideal.

GODOY: Agreed!

This is a great answer.

McEneau: I have nothing to say. That was the best answer.

Yeah, I think you nailed it. Of course, I don’t need to say this, but we all know One Piece A huge, huge, huge title. While filming, did you ever feel the pressure of putting something as big together?

Gibson: Pressure makes diamonds, baby!

Skyler: There’s our man!

What about you, Mackenzie? You’ve had a lot of adaptations, haven’t you? How is this one different from the other ones, or is it the same?

McNew: They’re all different in their own special way, but this was definitely the biggest long-running manga. So, there was pressure, but I kept my focus on the role and how I could bring Zorro to life.

Gibson: And he kills it.

GODOY: He’s great. He is Zoro.

One-piece-mcnew-social-featuresImage via Netflix

You filmed in Cape Town, right? Was there a set piece or a location that you really liked, that you thought, “That was great! I want people to see that?”

GODOY: All the sets are amazing. I mean, I want to go with Going Mary. I think every set is amazing, but Going Mary, in particular, has so much emotion. So, if there’s one set piece that I really want people to see, it would be Going Merry!

RUDD: [Laughs] One Piece of the set

GODOY: Oh, also, actually, there’s another set that I really liked. The first boat to jump! Yes, his first boat. That too is special.

Yes, and it’s also emotional, isn’t it? Because it’s the beginning. What about the rest of you?

RUDD: I mean, obviously Mary is very special. It was something that, I think, was a dream for all of us to see it in person for the first time, to step into it, you know? I guess there’s a set in the Kier (Celeste Lutes) mansion that our designer used as an indoor pool and actually built it into a sunken kitchen. And I was just like, “I want to be creative like that!” I would never look at an empty pool and be like, “Let’s make this a kitchen.” And it looked beautiful, it was very cool. I want my home, my real home, to be there.

I have time for one more question, so I’d like to know if you have any messages you’d like to send a piece Fans like me are eager to watch the series.

Gibson: Man, we’re just so excited to share it with you all. There’s been a lot of love, and as Taz said, there’s been a lot of people involved in the project, and we’re very proud of everyone’s work, so it’s exciting to share.

GODOY: I love manga, I love anime, and I know you’ll love live-action too. I am super excited about this project. We put our heart and soul into it, and you know, I hope you’re entertained, but beyond that, I hope that if you watch our show, you decide to follow your dreams too.



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