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Not One Man on ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Is a Good Guy

Vanderpump Rules Season 10 with Scandoval became the talk of the internet. in a cheating scam Tom Sandoval And Raquel Lewis shook the series to its core and reminded viewers of a simple truth: No Man On Vanderpump’s rule Can be trusted. Each of the main cast members has cheated on their partner at one point or another, made comments about women and their bodies, and been downright gross in ways they’ve forgotten about due to some other drama. stirred up.

Sandoval is far from alone in this. He was his partner in crime for 10 seasons Tom Schwartz who hid behind his “nice guy” act to say some horrible things. Then there were all 8 seasons Jax Taylor And hidden behind his spiteful treatment of her is his mistreatment James Kennedy Of the four, he is the one who has been “redeemed” in a way Each of these men has done something that makes their brief good moments tainted by how they have acted in the past.

James Kennedy, released?

When Kennedy first appeared Vanderpump’s ruleHe was a bassist in Surrey and was dating Kristen Doubt A move that angered Sandoval. They were supposedly friends since they worked on music together, but Kennedy started dating Doubt (who was Sandoval’s ex-girlfriend) and this caused a rift in their relationship. For the next three seasons, Kennedy would prove to be a menace. He constantly wanted to fight people, comments Katie MaloneyIts weight as a means of insulting it, and generally building its reputation Lisa Vanderpump And why tod He has been stigmatized by working in their organization.

A persona built on the ego of a spoiled rich boy from England, Kennedy’s problem was that he thought the world wanted to see him fail and his doubters would fuel their fire. When he was a DJ at Vanderpump’s West Hollywood restaurant Pump, he would constantly yell and fight with Doubt while working, which eventually led to his firing from Vanderpump’s restaurant in Season 5.

Kennedy was constantly rehired and fired again by Vanderpump as a DJ for his various restaurants, and because Kennedy saw his relationship with alcohol as unhealthy and tried to get sober. He stayed sober for two years, until season 10 when he started drinking again. Season 10, however, marked Kennedy’s growth as both a person and a personality Vanderpump’s ruleIt doesn’t negate what he did the previous season.

His comments about women were the worst thing about him. Which is why, out of the four, he’s somehow the least terrifying. Whether it’s Maloney’s weighing-in moment or cheating on Doubt and pretending it’s his problem, Kennedy had a rough ride to becoming the “hero” of season 10, and still, it doesn’t erase his past.

Tom Schwartz ends up being nice guys

Schwartz went from what Sandoval called a “spoiled wife” because Maloney was justifiably angry because Schwartz cheated on her and hid things from her to a man who constantly said horrible things to women and hid it behind him. nice guy” performance. This side of Schwartz really began to show in season 5 in the lead up to his ex-marriage to Maloney. When the two would fight, he would dismiss her criticism as drunk and berate her for what he said.

During their joint bachelor/bachelorette party in New Orleans, the two fought repeatedly as Schwartz constantly let people like Sandoval tell Maloney what to do. he Schwartz was wrong instead of admitting he wasn’t a good guy. The worst thing about Schwartz is that he’s known for being soft-spoken and sweet — and when Schwartz and Maloney make up, they’re very nice to each other, but that doesn’t change what he wants to say to her or what’s wrong with him. will give

In Season 10, Schwartz lets Sandoval walk all over him, something he’s been doing since the show began. With the cheating scandal and all the lies, Schwartz was caught in the middle of his “friend” who was a horrible person to him and the two, who have joint restaurants in Los Angeles called “Tom Tom” and “Schwartz & Sandy’s”. Now they are reportedly not talking to each other.

Sandoval, oh Sandoval

When it comes to cheating scandals, Sandoval has been relatively out of most of them for his own work. He cheated on Doubt with his best friend Taylor and still forgave Taylor before he could, if that tells you anything about his character. So when Sandoval became the villain of season 10 for cheating Ariana Madix, it showed what a “worm with a mustache” Sandoval really is. Much like Schwartz, Sandoval often used this nice guy routine to trick people into caring about him, but season 10 showed just how willing he is to enlighten people into thinking he’s on the right track.

Sandoval and Maddix had been in a relationship since 2014 when Sandoval found out that Dout had cheated on her with Taylor in their own home. He had, previously, once made out with Maddix, and this led Doubt to believe that he too had been cheated on, but both Sandoval and Maddix denied it. Although with Sandoval, he was suddenly a seemingly passionate lover of Maddix, he was not. A Season 10 joke to hit social media was that Sandoval claimed he did all the chores at their house, like making sure the batteries were stocked. Maddix returned fire by doing an ad with Duracell in response.

He went from a man who was seemingly in love with his girlfriend to a man who would blame everyone but himself for his mistakes. Sandoval was, indeed, a wolf in sheep’s clothing and it all came to a head when he showed his true colors in season 10.

The worst of them is Jax Taylor

Since Season 1, Taylor hasn’t hidden how much he feels like using women. He slept with his best friend’s longtime girlfriend. And when Sandoval forgave her for sleeping with Doubt the following season, she said Taylor was the same. It would take seasons for him to be able to stay around Doubt without a huge fight, and even then, it was still exciting. All this happened because Taylor constantly cheated on his girlfriends, famously lying to his ex-girlfriend Stacy Schroeder About sleeping with a woman in Las Vegas and paying for her abortion, and really showed his lack of interest in hiding his filth.

When he ended up with his now wife Brittany Cartwright, he started a rumor that he and Dout were fooling around and he caught them. Both Cartwright and Doubt deny it, and Cartwright begs him to stop, and it turns Taylor’s “roast” awkward with Cartwright’s mother present, and Sandoval pokes fun at it. despite Being told not to. Taylor’s behavior doesn’t just extend to his treatment of women, rough as that can be.

Although Taylor has friends who are gay and part of the LGBTQ+ community, season 5 showed her reluctance to stand up for their rights against her future mother-in-law. Cartwright’s mother came to town and when Taylor was aggressive towards her daughter in front of her. when came Sherry CartwrightHis views on homosexuality, he didn’t bother to fight back then. Taylor is rumored to have had a past relationship with her and her former roommate John. When he wore drag to Schwartz’s bachelor party with the rest of his friends, Taylor tried to hide the photo from Cartwright’s mother instead of talking to her about his apparent homophobia. This sparked much controversy at the time, especially since Vanderpump was an outspoken ally of the LGBTQIA community.

Taylor also has a compulsion for stealing which often lands him in jail and leaves everyone to bail him out. When everyone went on a trip to Hawaii, he stole a pair of sunglasses just to do it and was thrown in jail, leaving his friends and Cartwright to raise the $11,000 bail money needed to get him out. And it was far from her only prison, which Cartwright’s mother got but not her past where she kissed a man.

Everything around Taylor is a mess, and it’s made worse by her using her sanctimonious attitude to tell everyone else how they’re living their lives wrong. So when Schroeder forced her to take the psychopath test while joining his podcast, it came as no surprise.

Don’t trust anyone Vanderpump’s rule

It’s easy to watch shows like this real housewives And thinks there might be a man to root for. with Vanderpump’s rule, there isn’t. Maybe Todd and Max Todd The only two who have somewhat decent heads on their shoulders and aren’t part of the main cast. Instead, we are left with a class of men who would rather talk down to women and be gross than stand up for something important.



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