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No hard feelings Review: Jennifer Lawrence’s Raunchy Comedy Is Chaotic & Hysterical

Since her career began in 2008, Jennifer Lawrence has appeared in about 25 films. That some of them are an out and out comedy may surprise some. David and Russell The Silver Linings Playbook As close as Lawrence gets, that film is imbued with a melancholy tenderness that earned the actress her first Academy Award. Now, after stepping out of the spotlight and stepping away from franchise filmmaking, Lawrence is back and better than ever. His latest film, No hard feelings. A dual coming-of-age story lurks within a raunchy comedy that, despite its flaws, is both sweet and hysterical, a chaotic performance from Lawrence that shows the actress can do just about anything.

Lawrence plays Maddie Barker, a Montauk woman whose home — a prime piece of real estate in the beach-side vacation town — is under threat of foreclosure due to delinquent property taxes. When a disgraced ex (Evonne Moss-Bachrach) tows her car, which is also a source of income for her as an Uber driver, Maddie happens upon a Craigslist ad that could change her life. Their son Percy (Andrew Barth Feldman), Alison (Lauren Benanti) and Laird (Matthew Broderick) offer Maddie a Buick in exchange for a “date” to prepare Maddie for her upcoming term at Princeton, which is about to start in the fall. Naturally, chaos ensues. While Maddy tries to seduce awkward Percy in all the wrong ways.

Jennifer-Lawrence-No-Hard-Feelings (1)-1
Andrew Barth Feldman and Jennifer Lawrence in No Hard Feelings.No hard feelings The speech is sure to inspire (it will slot nicely next to age-gap speeches that have long conversations about movies). call your name), but those conversations would largely miss the point of a surprisingly sweet movie. Feldman, in his second major film role, serves as a competent and sympathetic counterpoint to Lawrence’s brooding Maddy, and their chemistry, based on a platonic care for each other rather than what could be considered sexual, is something that blossoms beautifully over the course. The film’s run. No hard feelings Bills itself as a no-holds-barred R-rated comedy, something seen early and rarely made now (especially with a star of Lawrence’s caliber at the forefront), but its coming-of-age undercurrent for what comes before. Acts as a refreshing chaser.

Fortunately, what comes before is properly hysterical. Lawrence may not have the comedic timing of her more seasoned peers, but she makes up for it with sheer confidence. Maddie is as shameless as she is selling both Airhead and Lawrence any way she can. His performance stood in great contrast to his turn last year Causeway, a quiet drama in which she starred opposite Brian Tyree Henry. It was already clear that Lawrence had the range and desire to get there, but No hard feelings Such a stark departure, and a treat to see her having so much fun, especially after her turn in the movie Don’t look up And Dark Phoenix.

jennifer-lawrence-no-hard-feelings (2)Andrew Barth Feldman and Jennifer Lawrence in No Hard Feelings.
Feldman is the real star of the show, though. He plays Percy with a pitch-perfect mix of social awkwardness, polite curiosity and a slight disdain for Maddy’s public comings and goings. It’s a little uncomfortable to watch them navigate the early scenes in the theater, but that’s the whole point, and it leads to some hilarious physical comedy from Lawrence that includes a tight dress, mace and a hijacking van. That Feldman more than holds his own against a force like Lawrence makes you think that perhaps the film has chosen the wrong hero, but that ultimately becomes a passing thought in what feels like a balanced two-hander.
No hard feelings doesn’t shy away from the absurdity of its premise (many of Percy’s peers point out their age gap, one character even calls Maddie “madam” In a moment that might have been the biggest laugh out of my packed display) and it just makes everything better. At a time when many films are playing it safe and mid-budget studio comedies are strictly streaming fare, such a movie No hard feelings This is a rarity when it shouldn’t be.
No hard feelings Debuts in theaters Friday, June 23. The film is 103 minutes long and is rated R for sexual content, language, some graphic nudity and brief drug use.





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