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Next Superman Actor Could Be Announced Next Week, Superman: Legacy Enters Final Stages

The DC Universe may be on the verge of announcing a new Superman as James Gunn and DC Studios reportedly Superman: Legacy Proceed to screen test. With the DCEU coming to an end, the DC Universe is moving forward with DC Studios led by Gunn and Peter Safran attempting a new shared universe across TV and film. The movie is currently in pre-production Superman: Legacy, a retelling of his early Man of Steel as a superhero. Over the past few weeks, the studio has been meeting with actors for the roles of Superman and Lois Lane, before they begin shooting next year.

It looks like the world may soon find out who the next Superman is going to be, possibly as early as next week. THR revealed that in a recent screen test with David Kornshwaite, Tom Britney and Nicholas Hoult, they were able to do scenes as Clark Kent as well as Superman. Korenshwaite experimented with Emma Mackie, while Britney was paired with Phoebe Dinever, followed by Hoult and Rachel Brosnahan. By trade, Mackey “Holding on the Second Day” Experiment with other actors as Lois Superman: Legacy In addition to the audition, there may be new candidates for Lex Luthor, as Alexander and Bill Skarsgård have been mentioned for the iconic DC villain. Supposedly, a decision could be made this week as to who will take on the role of Lois alongside Superman.

Who could be the new Superman and Lois Lane actor?

Clark Kent Lois Lane Flying
When it comes to Superman, that name has been highly favored in fan casting ever since Superman: Legacy David Corenswet was officially announced. From the countless fan-trailers and images that depict him as the Man of Tomorrow, the fact that he’s made it this far speaks volumes about DC Studios potentially paying attention to what audiences want to see in their new film. superman Getting ready for the reboot Holt gig is also interesting, given how close he was to tapping batman Before the role went to Robert Pattinson.
The big mystery with Holt, however, is whether he’s only being considered for Superman or if he’s possibly also being eyed for Superman villain Lex Luthor as casting details have revealed that it will be a very different take on him. If Skargårds is now on the shortlist, that in itself could be a revelation that Hoult is in serious contention for Man of Steel. With Lois, it’s unclear if Mackie is the ultimate frontrunner, as she’s the only one who’s moved on to the next step of screen testing. If the reports are true, it won’t be long until then Superman: Legacy Gunners reveals their new lead pair for the DC Universe.
This raises the question of whether the potential SAG-AFTRA strike is playing a factor Superman: Legacy At least Clark Kent and Lois are trying to lock their star for Lane. Many were predicting that DC Studios was preparing the casting for the unveiling at San Diego Comic-Con, but if the strike happened, it would explain why they are already trying to finalize it this month. For now, time will tell who signs on Superman: Legacy for Lois and Clark, as well as other characters currently being cast.


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