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New ‘Insidious’ Art Unveiled Behind ‘The Red Door’ Pop-Ups in Major Cities

Red doors are popping up around the US in anticipation of the Lambert family’s return Insidious: The red door. Instead of acting as a creepy gateway to the sequel, however, these pop-ups are art installations featuring special promotional pieces for the upcoming Legacy sequel. official deceitful Twitter account Blumhouse took a peak behind each door to celebrate the history of the horror franchise by revealing six unique artworks created by six different artists that are currently on display in several major cities.

Four of the six doors are located in Los Angeles Ezra OneArt in La Brea and Hollywood, slowLocated at 6227 W Sunset Blvd and Argyle Ave, scrapis at W Pico Blvd and S Highland Ave, and Mr. ToledoVenice Blvd E/O Overland Ave has the other two Damien MitchellAstor Place in New York (NoHo/East Village) and at 410 Lafayette Kujod:Chicago in Sheffield and Roscoe in Wrigleyville. Each piece takes on a more sinister look with a dark red color palette and various ghosts from the franchise, including the infamous lipstick-face demon. Demons aren’t the only characters from the franchise, including Lambert House and a young Dalton (Ty Simpkins) illustrated with many Easter eggs and nods to the horror franchise for fans While each artist brings their own style, they all capture its surreal, nightmarish feel deceitful The franchise is what makes these films memorable.

These doors are the latest intriguing and interactive marketing campaign for fans to experience before the film release. Some pedestrians on Hollywood Blvd. As part of a pop-up, Lipstick-Face became the demon’s unlucky victim to anyone foolish enough to open the red door to see the malevolent spirit pop out. Enter more or ask questions without even a phone number red doorIts cast, return for deceitful It’s exciting considering it’s been ten years since the last film starring the Lambert family. Moreover, franchise and genre stars Patrick Wilson will be behind the camera in his directorial debut, offering his own ideas for new nightmares Leigh Wannell.

Patrick Wilson Insidious: The Red Door
Image via Sony

what Insidious: The red door Related?

Insidious: The red door Will see the Lambert family — Wilson, Simpkins, Rose ByrneAnd Andrew Astor – Face their ghosts one last time. Taking place ten years after repressing all memories of evil beings In short: Chapter 2, the film sees Dalton (Simpkins) attend a prestigious Ivy League university only for demons to creep back into his and his father Josh’s (Wilson) lives. Together, they take the fight for good back, hoping to close the red door, and this nightmarish chapter of their lives.



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