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My Adventures with Superman Review: Clark Kent Shines Bright in Adult Swim Series

Superman is iconic. The Big Blue Boy Scout has graced us with its presence for nearly 90 years. We all know his story: Krypton explodes, a rocket flies to Earth and he fights for truth and justice. But how does one redefine the character for a new generation? There have been reboots and retellings of the Superman myth over the past 30 years, but none as unique as this one My Adventures with Superman.

The Man of Steel’s first animated series since the late 1990s, My Adventures with Superman tells the story of a 20-something Clark Kent (Jack Quaid) while he was interning at the Daily Planet with his roommate Jimmy Olson (Ismail Shaheed) and Office Crush, Lois Lane (Alice Lee) together, the trio try to make their big break and become journalists for a publication they admire.

A flawed Superman is the best Superman

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Although juvenile adoption is uncommon, My Adventures with Superman Clark takes advantage of the new character dynamic beautifully with Kent who is unsure of himself. He doesn’t know where he came from or how his powers work, but he is by doing Knows that he must help those who cannot help himself and that is the essence of Superman. What sets this version of Clark apart from the rest is his inexperience. He rarely tops a fight, doesn’t quite know how to balance his heroism with his work, and doesn’t know everything about his abilities (how to find out if they’re bulletproof?).

Through all of his struggles, Clark finds a way to keep fighting. Superman symbolizes hope and a better future, and Quaid brings that optimistic energy needed to the character. He’s best friends with Jimmy because they’re both vain, and the series doesn’t shy away from that fact. Clark isn’t a stoic, emotionless god, which makes this animated one of the best in recent memory. He is still the hero of many as we know him, but not without his flaws. Quaid’s Clark can also be a goofball at times, but that makes him all the more lovable.

Superman and Lois are still a high-flying romance 80 years in the making

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Meanwhile, the pair has tied My Adventures with Superman Its Lois and Clark work because they want the same thing but have completely different ways of going about it. Lois dreams of becoming a star reporter and will do anything to make that dream a reality. Clark admires her drive and falls for her as soon as they meet her. Conversely, Lois respects Clark’s optimism and always puts others before herself. Given their dominant personality traits, Clark is more reserved, while Lois commands the room. Alice Lee brings so much energy to Lois that it can be overwhelming, but that’s what makes her the perfect partner for Clark. They are opposite yet complementary to each other.

It feels very similar to other live-action Superman series currently airing, Superman and Lois. Although the series shows the couple nearly 20 years into their relationship, My Adventures with Superman About their start, and it’s adorable. It’s almost like they were made for each other. Combine that with Jimmy Olsen’s wacky actions and scheming and you have a great character.

The series is not just an office romance though. Several familiar faces pop up throughout Superman’s history. There’s an ongoing plot focusing on different villains and organizations throughout the season, and while it’s not perfect, it’s enough to keep you invested in what’s going on. My Adventures with Superman Follows the characters as their relationships develop, and the superhero animosity is secondary, but that’s okay. Most superhero stories need strong relationships to have a lasting impact.

My Adventures with Superman The character desperately needs that fresh take. It tells interesting episodic stories Superman: The Animated Series But it’s not afraid to have long-lasting plot lines. The art feels modern while leaning towards a familiar comic book aesthetic, with a few anime influences. While the series has a few pacing issues and lacks a strong supporting cast, it makes up for it with its slick art and strong leading trio.



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