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Melody Shari is the Reality Star We Love to Hate

There is a duality Melody Shari: She’s deliberately messy but always comes out with her hands clean, even though the audience knows how dirty she can play – and she gets sympathy because of her trashy ex-husband, Myrtle Holt. Through all the good and bad, he remains a fan favorite of the reality series. Love and Marriage: Huntsville, And why despite his flaws, viewers want to see him win.

‘LAMH’ Melody Shari, The Villainess

Melody Shari LAMH Reunion
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season one Love and Marriage Huntsville It was initially supposed to focus on The Comeback Group, a group of friends and business partners of three couples, The Holts and The Scotts, both brothers. Marsau Scott And Maurice Scott and their wives, Tisha Scott And Kimi Scott. However, soon into filming, a cheating scandal emerged that would change the course of the series going forward. Myrtle broke his marriage to Melody and subsequently moved Melody from a regular member of the group to villainy.

At a dinner with the whole group, Melody brings up the term, “respectable cheating”, which is a complete oxymoron, and it doesn’t go unnoticed by the group. It was clear that he was nodding politely to the very real situation, and the group naturally had follow-up questions. This is the first of many examples of melody plays. He has the uncanny gift of dropping a lighted match into the gasoline tank of the mess in the cast and walking away when it explodes.

For example, he told everyone that Martel had said that Marsau was cheating on his wife Tisha, causing him and Tisha to fall out. Or when he released his new song and music video that he said wasn’t about Martel but was clearly about Martel and his longtime mistress, Arion Curry. Well, there were actually two songs, one of which was titled “Sidechick of the Year Award.” There is also the infamous episode where Melody invites Tisha’s cousin Ke to her party, but not Tisha, despite being aware of Tisha and Ke’s problems. In all of Melody’s messy moments, she starts it and then says, “My name is Bennett and I’m not in it,” then denies any involvement in it. And honestly, it keeps things moving in an interesting way, so we certainly can’t knock him for that.

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‘LAMH’ Melody Shari, heroine

Melody Shari LAMH-1
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Melody also has a flip side, and that is that she is both strong, caring and lovable. And after seven years of being Martel’s mistress, dealing with verbal and emotional abuse and mental gymnastics, she finally picked herself up and left for good. Along with Martell’s disbelief, fans empathize with Melody’s struggles. It’s clear that Martel has a controlling side, and has had to navigate that ever since she filed for divorce, and even through their 14-year marriage before their final split. She made up lies to make their four children’s custody battle more difficult, a custody battle she started. But through it all, he has managed to maintain his business while focusing on his own family. And his lies are clearly there. His latest threats to release revenge porn are absolutely despicable, and his continued actions really say a lot about his character.

He also has the ability to prioritize mental health. His disagreements with her have become most apparent in this current season Stormy Steel, as well as his past disagreements with Tisha. Melody has stated multiple times that she likes to isolate herself from the rest of the group when the show isn’t being filmed. Many see this as a villainous act, but for us introverts who need alone time to recharge, it makes total sense. Especially considering she’s working with her toxic ex on the show, which many people avoid in everyday life. He may not be a total introvert, but after having a camera in his face for days, who doesn’t want a break from people, even friends? It’s perfectly fine to take up space when you need to, and there’s no urgent need for that, so you shouldn’t villainize him.

‘LAMH’: Thin line between love and hate for Melody Shari

Melody Shari, Carlos King and Myrtle Holt of 'LAMH'
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Melody has become a fan favorite mainly because of her honest duplicity. He’s able to start the drama and put it behind him, and we love him for it. At the same time, it’s easy to see that she really cares about her friends, and is there for them when she can, but also prioritizes her own sanity. As a mother and a businesswoman going through a divorce and custody battle, it’s huge. This duality is what makes her fun to watch, and we definitely can’t wait to see what she does next…and who her new boo is…if they’re still together.



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