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JJ Abrams Teases His Hot Wheels Movie, Says It’s “Emotional” & “Grounded”

JJ Abrams opens up and teases him hot wheels film, calling it “Passionate and groundedIt was announced a year ago that the filmmaker is known to be working on the film star wars And Star Trek Franchises are making live-action adaptations of it hot wheels which had been stuck in development since 2003. Earlier this year, the project began moving into full swing with Dalton Lieb and Nicholas Jacobson-Larsson penning the adaptation of the Mattel toys, although a script has yet to materialize.

In a recent report Dr The New Yorker Of the many Mattel movies in development, Abrams opened up and teased what to expect from him. hot wheels movies. He began by noting how the adaptation had been stuck in development for years, despite the idea of ​​making it “Passionate and grounded and fierce” that finally got the project rolling. Read what Abrams had to say below:

For a long time, we were talking to Mattel about Hot Wheels, and we just couldn’t find that thing that clicked, that made it worthy of the title Hot Wheels. Then we came up with something… emotional and grounded and gritty.

Barbie may have provided the blueprint for the Hot Wheels movie

Barbie rides in a car

A recent report highlights how barbie This is just the beginning for Mattel movies, as there are 45 more in development based on their toys It includes american girl, Magic 8 Ball, Major Matt Mason, Matchbox, Masters of the Universe, Polly Pocket, Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robot, UnoAnd view-master. Many different production companies are behind the projects, such as Bad Robot for Abrams hot wheels, though Mattel Films is seemingly overseeing them all to ensure a unified approach. Likewise, theirs barney Cinema is a “A24-typeAccording to Mattel Film executive Kevin McKeon, the film is being made for adults.

If Greta Gerwig’s barbie It’s a success that, perhaps, could provide the blueprint for future Motal films hot wheels. Similar, same, equivalent barbie, hot wheels A family name that carries significant nostalgic appeal for those who grew up playing with toys. Opposition to past orientation barbie And hot wheels While those are animated and aimed at children, Gerwig’s live-action movies are aimed at adults and seem genuinely moving and thought-provoking. Based on Abrams’ first description, it sounds like it hot wheels Can try to follow the movie barbieits footprints.



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