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It Ends With Us Author Defends Blake Lively Casting Amid Backlash & Halted Production

Colin Hoover favors casting Blake Lively As a film adaptation of Lily Bloom It ends with us. Published in 2016, the book became a huge hit for the author, selling over a million copies worldwide and being translated into 20 languages. In 2019, it has a film adaptation It ends with us It was replaced by Justin Baldoni, who not only directed the project but starred in it as Riley Kincaid – Lily’s abusive partner.

production for It ends with us The movie opened in New Jersey in May. The casting of Lively and even Baldoni had an immediate reaction, considering how both actors are significantly older than their respective characters. Hoover addressed the criticisms in a new interview, explaining that it was a conscious attempt to age the cast due to mistakes he made while writing the novel. Read his full quote below:

“When I wrote ‘It Ends With Us,’ the new adult (genre) was very popular. You were writing college-age characters. That’s what I was contracted to do. I made Lily very young. I didn’t know that neurosurgeons had been around for 50 years. went to school. There aren’t 20-something neurosurgeons,” she says. The movie gave him an opportunity to correct his mistakes. “Since I started making this movie, I think, we have to finish them, because I messed up. So it’s my fault.”

Blake Lively’s It Ends With Us Casting means it ends with our film

Blake Lively looks out the car window in 40's hair and makeup

In context, Lily is supposed to be 23 years old It ends with us. Meanwhile, Lively is currently 35 years old – a contrast of nearly a decade. While the A-lister is undeniably gorgeous, it’s hard to sell the idea that she’s in her early 20s like a bookish heroine. Now that Hoover has clarified that they intentionally aged the characters in the film, fans can understand more about the casting choices that Sony Films made.

In addition to seeking to make amends for his writing mistakes, casting Blakely in The It ends with us Movie projects are also profitable in terms of marketing. Although there has been backlash from readers of the book about her playing Lily, there’s no denying that her involvement helped raise awareness for the project and even the book it’s based on. Lively has a diverse acting portfolio, playing the lead role of Serena Gossip Girl and in title characters Adaline’s age. He is one of the most famous celebrities right now, which means he has high marketability.

production for It ends with us The film is currently on hiatus, but contrary to the rumors doing the rounds, it’s not because of the response it’s received so far. Instead, it is due to the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike where writers are trying to protest for fair compensation for their work. So despite book readers’ less-than-ideal reception to the movie’s casting, the project is still moving forward.




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