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Interactive Promo Dares Fans to Open ‘The Red Door’

Horror fans have been spooked by horror franchise returns and legacy sequels on the big screen over the past few years. When in a year Scream VI And Evil Dead Rise The genre developed the sequel, deceitful With the next series to make a haunting return Insidious: The red door. The big hook for this fifth entry is the return of the Lambert family Patrick Wilson, Ty SimpkinsAnd Rose Byrne. The film hits theaters in July and now, in a new promo, Sony and Blumhouse dare fans to open the iconic “red door.”

The 40-second promo highlights an interactive pop-up ad with a temping red door on Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles. beyond the door, deceitful‘ The famous “lipstick-faced demon” from the first film is waiting to terrorize unsuspecting passers-by. In the first movie, it wanted to possess the body of Dalton (Simpkins) for its nefarious purposes. However, the cinematic monster has now moved to Hollywood and is scaring the living heck out of helpless passers-by on the streets. Watching people get scared can be fun when you’re not, and some of the reactions to this video are particularly hilarious. Especially, if you’re a sick and twisted horror fan.

what red door Related?

Insidious: The red door Takes place a decade after its events Chapter 2. Josh (Wilson) and Dalton Lambert may have forgotten about the ghosts of “The Further,” but this hellish horror dimension hasn’t forgotten about them. More, led by the lipstick-faced demon, is slowly infecting their lives once more. Dalton is now attending college, but this only strengthens the demon’s grip on the Lamberts as their dark visions quickly become a deadly reality. Another unique aspect of this sequel is that it marks Wilson’s directorial debut. This has excited many horror fans as the actor has become a staple of the genre over the past decade. Besides deceitfulOne of Wilson’s main focuses The Conjuring Starred in the series and other minor horror gems In the long grass. It will be interesting to see what he brings behind the camera given his vast experience with this horror genre and this franchise.


red door So far there’s been an amazing marketing campaign, par for the course with major horror films these days, which includes a number you can call to enter further. When you combine that with the fact that this is the final chapter for the Lambert family, red doorTurning into a wild atmospheric ride that must be seen in theatres Especially since the red door inside The Further is one of them deceitful‘ most recognizable image.

when red door Emancipation?

Insidious: The red door Releasing exclusively in theaters on July 7, 2023 Again, this is the final film for the Lamberts, but the franchise will live on with upcoming spin-offs. Thread: A Deceptive Story. While horror fans anxiously await the re-entry into The Further, you can watch Satanic fun red door Promotion down.



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