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Indiana Jones Plot Holes That Keep Me Up at Night

Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) has some of the most harrowing, magical adventures anyone could imagine. In one of his lesson plans, however, he emphasized that archeology is the study of truth and not the abstract notions of truth that philosophers endlessly ponder. He is so adamant that the facts are the only ones worth having that he will deny the reality of any supernatural phenomenon, as well as the many undisputed miracles he has witnessed with his own eyes. The stories are so easy for the audience to believe because they use bits of real archaeological history to flesh out the fantastical journeys of Indiana. The believability of these movies is one of the greatest aspects of the franchise, which is why Indiana’s disbelief in magic is the franchise’s biggest, most consistent plot hole. The multitude of plot holes created by his stubborn disbelief in anything other than objective observable facts are enough to keep a person awake if they dwell on them long enough.

Indiana Jones witnessed some major miracles

Indiana Jones is about to capture the golden statue in Raiders of the Lost Ark

In each of his adventures, Indiana has witnessed some of the most important historical moments that any history scholar would dream of. They could never fully convince him that there was much existence beyond what our knowledge could explain. inside Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, he finds a man can survive after having his heart magically removed. He loses control of his mind with blood magic where he backhands his partner with a short round (Who is Quan?) and helps Mola Ram almost (Amrish Puri) devoted to the object of his affections at the time, singer Willie Scott (Kate Capshaw) Later, Indiana somehow knows the magic spell that causes the sacred Shankar stone to ignite, sending Mola Rama to his death. He still reduces stones to dusty old rocks that could sit in a museum if he tried to use them for his ultimate goal of wealth and glory.

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Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark The event takes place a year later Temple of Doom, but after everything he had seen the previous year, Indiana was still adamant that scholars who began to believe the ancient myths they studied had lost their minds. He goes through this adventure, however, witnessing one miracle after another, leading to the opening of the ark itself. When he finds the ark, he sees a supernatural cloud flooding the sky, and the cloud will be revealed when they open the ark. After the bad guys pop the top, the mist swirls around the artifact and lightning strikes. At this point, Indiana seems to have found enough faith in the supernatural that she tells Marion (Karen Allen) to keep his eyes closed while all the magic kills the bad guys. This could be because he believes the magic can kill them if he witnesses it, but it could also be because he believes something can’t be real if he can’t see it.

Harrison Ford and Sean Connery in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Image via Paramount Pictures

inside Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, he meets a 700-year-old man guarding the real Holy Grail that will magically extend your life by drinking water from it. There are also dozens of other cups that will magically make a person above death. He witnessed the water from the Grail instantly heal his father (Sean Connery) from a fatal bullet wound. He watches the temple magically self-destruct while Dr. Elsa Schneider (Allison Doody) crosses a sacred seal carved into the ground. At the end of this adventure he is not outwardly denying his miracles, but he is still very eager to put it behind him and return to a normal life.

with events in between Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Indiana seems more open about the fact that there are things beyond human knowledge, such as a psychic connection to an alien skull and an interdimensional flying saucer rising up and disappearing before his eyes. As in the third movie, Indiana prepares for his journey back to being a college professor.

The Real Magic Is That Indiana Always Survives

Harrison Ford in 'Indiana Jones and the Lost Ark'
Image via Paramount Pictures

With Indiana, his mentality is beyond a lack of faith. He directly denies the evidence he sees and judges those who believe the events they experience as insane. It makes a little more sense to deny the existence of the great miracles he witnesses because it takes a level of faith he doesn’t have. The few small miracles he experienced would be enough for most to start believing in magic.

That all of the booby traps in Indiana Springs still seem to work during his search is a miracle in itself. In the opening scene the invader Shows pressure activated steps that trigger blow darts to shoot from small holes in the rock walls that have somehow never been triggered, or never plugged up in the centuries since the blow dart holes were placed. This is especially true The Last Crusade, where the metal of the saw blade that beheaded a man still shines, the earthen stepping stones over a pit have never crumbled and fallen, and an optical illusion painted on a thin stone bridge to make it disappear has never faded or damaged. Indiana makes a neat trick almost every time he enters a cave or dark passage that he is able to magically light up the entire place with a torch and sometimes just using a match.

Kay Huey Kwan, Kate Capshaw, and Harrison Ford sit behind a rock in a cave looking up at Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.
Image via Paramount

There were many more magical moments in Indiana’s life. inside The Temple of Doom, he and his two companions magically fly through the air, sled down a cliff, fly over a cliff, and float down treacherous rapids in the same inflatable raft, without shedding a tear or breaking a bone. Of course, we later learn that it was the tribal god Shiva who magically crashed Indiana’s plane and brought them to retrieve the sacred stone stolen from their temple after the tribal leader prayed. inside The Last Crusade, Indiana magically carries a lighted torch over a pool covered in petroleum that doesn’t catch fire until people toss it in a match. inside Crystal Skull, there is a chase through the rainforest and magically one car doesn’t crash into a tree, but another car lands on top of them after crashing into a giant ant hill and they all miraculously survive. They use this same car that goes over the three waterfalls.

Does Indiana Jones believe in magic?

Dial of Destiny from Indiana Jones and the Destiny
Image via Disney

Indiana Jones values ​​truth to an extreme degree over sentiment. This is never truer when he is in front of a classroom full of students, as he emphasizes that much of the work of archeology is not about onsite discoveries and dangerous adventures, but about researching and studying the discoveries of others. It is possible that he might discourage future competitors from pursuing dreams of riches and glory by denying that anything exciting could ever happen in archaeology. It may also be true that he tells his students this to prevent them from risking their lives. His disdain for the fanciful, overriding the reality of life, seems genuine anyway. As Indiana grows older, it appears that she is willing to radically accept what she sees happening in front of her, whether she believed it or not. Regardless of whether he knows the facts about this event or is unsure what to believe, he learns to accept what happens as another real moment in his mysterious, magical life. It will be exciting to see if she opens up more about the fantastic side of her life Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny In theaters now!



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