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Independence Day Comes To Life As Twitter Account Recaps Fourth Of July Movie In Real Time

A Twitter account recapping classic sci-fi action movies Independence Day In real time in honor of the Fourth of July. In 1996, Roland Emmerich’s Alien Invasion movie was released ID4 Became a huge summer blockbuster, grossing $817 million worldwide. The One Time Summer King starring Will Smith, Independence Day Planet evokes old-school science-fiction with a story of an alien invasion of Earth, while pushing the classic alien invasion genre forward in terms of spectacular, special effects and pure action juice.

As Americans prepare to celebrate their own independence on the Fourth of July, one Twitter account is paying homage to one of the great action movies of the 1990s, recreating the original. Independence Day As if it were actually unfolding in real time. See a sample of tweets from @1996ID4 In the space below:

Independence Day 3 will probably never happen

Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum back-to-back on Independence Day

Although Independence Day Was a smash at the box office, Emmerich and company were unable to follow it up by launching a franchise. when ID4 Finally got it in the form of a sequel Independence Day: Resurgence, it wasn’t until 2016, and Smith was no longer involved. Surprisingly, the movie was a flop grossing only $389 million. recently, Independence Day Star Vivica A. Fox went on record saying that the reason the sequel bombed was because Smith wasn’t in it. As he said The AV Club:

“I really think we missed out by not bringing Will Smith back. We had most of the original cast, but I think the one real missing link to the success of ‘Independence Day 2’ was that Will Smith wasn’t there. I wanted to keep it real. Going — I was at the premiere and I was like ‘Hmm, let’s see how the fans feel about this.’ And sure enough on Twitter, they blew me off.”

Emmerich, for his part, says he has plans Independence Day 3, and in 2021, expressed his hope that after Disney’s merger with Fox, it would be possible to make the movie happen on Disney+. Down-scaling Independence Day It would seem like an ill-advised move for the small screen, but the vision of the original movie and the big screen experience played a part in its success. Bringing back Smith could revive that Independence Day franchise, but Smith remains radiant in the wake of his infamous Oscar slap. With no plans to work, it seems like live-tweeting events will be the closest fans get to the new one Independence Day experience

Source: @1996ID4/Twitter



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