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How Rich Is Barbie? New Movie Provides Answer To Question Of Barbie In Real Life

New real estate estimates reveal exactly how much barbie The Malibu dreamhouse in the movie will actually cost, and it makes Barbie very rich. The upcoming release will mark the first live-action film inspired by Mattel’s Barbie toy line. Directed by Greta Gerwig, the movie garnered a lot of attention for its unique marketing strategy and A-list cast including Robbie, Ryan Gosling, Will Ferrell, Dua Lipa and Kate McKinnon. The studio’s latest promotional strategy, however, has shed some unexpected light on Barbie’s assets.

after barbie The movie’s dreamhouse has become a real-life Malibu Airbnb, RubyHome’s realtors (via JournalResearch) analyzed the listing to estimate its real-life value, and the 3,500-square-foot pink house with a private pool in a prime location comes with a price just under $10 million. If Barbie were to rent out her home, the renters would pay about $70,375 per month. If someone were to buy the home with a 20% down payment, they would need to make $2 million a year to pay the mortgage. Check out the data breakdown below:

A chart breaking down the values ​​of Barbie's Dreamhouse

Barbie’s unique marketing campaign explained

Margot Robbie standing in the Barbie Dreamhouse.

The Barbie Dreamhouse appears to be the latest unique marketing ploy for the Airbnb film, and the luxury property offers a free one-night stay for up to four guests. The Airbnb listing is written and posted by “Ken” to add another layer of fun to the effort.

Although this can be the most expensive strategy barbieIts marketing team used it, it’s not the only one. Back in April, barbieIts team has launched an AI Barbie selfie generator. It’s a simple idea where the generator takes a picture of a person and transforms them into a Barbie doll. However, the campaign quickly went viral as social media users across the country began adopting and sharing their personalized Barbies.

The marketing team is also gradually teasing the potential audience with the complicated story of the movie. Before any official material was released, small casting details created theories about multiple Barbies and Kens, which eventually turned out to be true. recent barbie The trailer of the movie confirmed why Robbie’s Barbie and Gosling’s Ken will make the journey to the real world, but from there, things are still a mystery. A popup Malibu Dreamhouse is another great way to generate interest, and encourage people to delve deeper into the world of the film before it’s even released.



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