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How Far Does Brayden Bowers Go On The Bachelorette Season 20 (Spoilers)

on Bachelorette Season 20, Charity Lawson made the controversial decision to give Brayden Bowers her first impression, leaving viewers wondering how far she’s come in her season. Charity, a 27-year-old child and family therapist from Columbus, Georgia, shared an instant connection with Brayden, a 24-year-old travel nurse from San Diego, California. He first caught her attention upon entering the limo, during which he joked that he was making sure they were up-to-date on their shots by serving two glasses of tequila.

the time bachelorette At the Season 20 cocktail party, Charity and Brayden share some one-on-one time. They had a great conversation, which ended in their kiss. Brayden was so giddy about the kiss that he bragged about it to some of his fellow contestants and the cocktail party bartender. What he didn’t know was that the bartender was actually Charity’s older brother, Nehemiah, who saw Brayden’s kiss and said that as a red flag. Charity, however, saw this as Brayden was very excited about her and rewarded her with her first impression rose. Brayden seems to be off to a good start, but will he be able to finish it with Charity?

Charity Lawson gives Brayden Bowers a one-on-one date

According to Reality Steve, Brayden will last a few more weeks bachelorette Season 20, despite previews that show her leaving after some altercations with other men. After going on a group date with Charity and a few other people to the Hollywood Sign in week 2, Brayden got a one-on-one date from Charity in week 3 in San Diego. They took a helicopter to Petco Park. Picnicked in the field, and played with some golden retrievers.

Brayden Bowers did not win The Bachelorette Season 20

Brayden Bowers The Bachelorette Season 20
The time bachelorette In Season 20 Week 4, Brayden went on a group date in Washington that had something to do with the Girl Scouts. Reality Steve revealed that Charity sent Brayden home for part of the group date night. In the preview clips, Charity is seen putting her in a car and closing the door behind her. Brayden has many teasing confrontations with other men that even threaten them with curses and physical violence.
It’s sad to think that Brayden would leave the show in such a dramatic way after receiving a first impression from Charity. They had a promising start, but her brother warned her of his red flags. Reality Steve also reported that Brayden might make an appearance Bachelor in Paradise Season 9, so maybe he’ll have a redemption story as much bachelor The nation’s villains are in the past. Whatever happens, I hope Charity gets over it quickly, and doesn’t let it get in the way of her journey to find happiness.
Bachelorette Airs Mondays at 9 pm EDT on ABC.
Sources: The Bachelorette/Instagram, Reality Steve


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