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Honor Among Thieves Set Photo Shows Just How Goofy Making A Dungeons & Dragons Movie Can Be

Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Director Jonathan Goldstein’s latest set photos show just how silly bringing a tabletop RPG to life can be. The adaptation of the role-playing game stars Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, Justice Smith, Sophia Lillis, Reggie-Jean Page and Hugh Grant. In Goldstein and John Francis Daley’s film, the cast portrays a group of misfit adventurers who band together to become unlikely heroes when an ancient evil threatens to destroy the country.

with Honor among thieves Featuring impressive practical costumes and effects, Goldstein shared an interesting aspect of its physical elements Dungeons and Dragons via a new behind-the-scenes photo on his Twitter.

In the post, a pair of tabby actors are seen in full costume on set, with Goldstein captioning, “Welcome to making a movie.“While the two taboxie costumes are impressive elements that help bring the fantasy to life, seeing the animals surrounded by cast and crew with filming equipment creates an image that feels unintentionally comical.

Honor Among Thieves has dedicated himself to making Dungeons and Dragons a reality

Dungeons and Dragons is the main group of adventurers in the movie Honor Among Thieves
For Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, Goldstein and Daley took great strides during production and assembling the cast to ensure they accurately translated the tabletop experience from game to screen. The two directors met before filming Honor among thieves‘ The original cast for the play D&D themselves, giving each of them a flavor that the duo hoped to bring to the screen. The experience not only allowed the cast to try out the game, but also served as a chemistry test that helped them gather a better understanding of the dynamics and characters, according to Daly.
game time Dungeons and Dragons ahead Honor among thieves The production spared no expense in bringing the worlds of Forgotten Realms to life, giving the cast a way to immerse themselves in the world. Besides meticulously planned single-take VFX action sequences, the creative team is also a source of knowledge. Dungeons and Dragons For the creatures that appear throughout the film. Despite this dedication to making the fantastic a reality, Goldstein and Daly faced some challenges that were too far for their budget, with Turtle and Gripli species not making it into the final film.
Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Enthralled audiences upon its release, it garnered praise for its fun, fantastical adventure, lovable cast, and accessible take on the game’s fantasy world. As such, Goldstein’s continued behind-the-scenes glimpses provide a welcome peek into how the directing duo bring amazing creatures to life. While surrounded by a filming crew the two Tabaxi may seem out of their element, they fit perfectly onscreen.
Source: @JM_Goldstein/twitter


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