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Harrison Ford Knows Exactly Why Star Wars Was A Success

Next promotion in an interview Indiana Jones film, actor Harrison Ford revealed that he always knew star wars Will be successful and reasons why. Outside of his role as the adventurous archaeologist Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford’s other major franchise roles are as space-faring smuggler Han Solo, Capt. The Millennium Falcon who becomes a central rebellion hero and falls in love with Princess Leia. No one could have possibly predicted it though star wars In what would become one of the biggest franchises in cinematic history, Ford claims he always knew Galaxy Far, Far Away would be popular.

In an interview with Dr. searcher Harrison Ford was asked if he thought initially star wars And Indiana Jones They will grow as they have become. focusing on star wars In particular, Ford gives really great feedback that nails Ken star wars Such an event continues:

“Did I think they could be successful films? Yes—or I would have run away (laughs). When we were first making ‘Star Wars,’ it must have seemed strange to the British crew. They might have said, “What’s going on here? ” Like, there’s a seven-foot-tall man in a dog suit. There’s also a beautiful princess, a wise old warrior, and a black guy. Then, there’s Smarts—I know the part I play (laughs). And it’s funny!”

“I thought, “This is a fairy tale.” Such stories have always been successful, be it written or filmed fairy tales. At that point in my career, it didn’t matter to me that the film would be a huge success and change the history of cinema…but I was grateful because it changed my life. I had opportunities that extended beyond director George Lucas and my success in making that film. It has given me freedom and opportunities I never imagined.”

Naturally, that’s Ford’s point of view star wars Its origin makes perfect sense. Despite its science-fiction background among the stars, the Skywalker story is ultimately a fairy tale of epic proportions.

Harrison Ford is right – Star Wars is more than science-fiction

Star Wars Saga Poster
Ford is absolutely right that George Lucas used all the classic archetypes of fantasy and fairy tales. Luke Skywalker’s Jedi path is as much a hero’s journey as the trials and temptations of his father, Darth Vader, who is ultimately released as Anakin Skywalker. star wars It has all the makings of an epic fairy tale not unlike JRR Tolkien lord of the rings, Although using settings and unique concepts that were fresh and new such as starships, lightsabers and Force wills.
Ford humorously referred to his own role as Han Solo “super clever” Similar to a rogue archetype. However, he is undoubtedly a major part star wars Myth who becomes a hero in his own right in the original trilogy of films and subsequent sequels. Although Ford personally prefers playing Indiana Jones as a solo character, it’s hard to argue which character is more popular or beloved by fans.
Regardless, it’s great to hear Ford share the vision he had star wars When the original movie was being made. The Skywalker Saga used key concepts of fairy tale, myth and legend in such a unique way at the time, massively reshaping Hollywood storytelling going forward. Acknowledging this fact at the outset, Ford’s abiding belief is that star wars A breakthrough would naturally be quite satisfying for long-time Galaxy fans, far from it.


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