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Gladiator’s Russell Crowe Gets Fed Up With Nonstop Questions About Sequel

Russell Crowe resents the constant questioning Gladiator 2 – A film in which he is not present and with which he has no involvement Released in 2000, original gladiator Crowe took him to the top of Hollywood, earning the star an Academy Award for Best Actor for his portrayal of the common-gladiator Maximus. Now, two decades later gladiator Dominating both the box office and awards season, director Ridley Scott is returning to the world of ancient Rome for a long-awaited sequel. But since Crowe’s character Maximus died in the original movie, Crowe himself won’t be along for the ride Gladiator 2.

Audiences may be excited by news of Scott’s long delay gladiator sequel, but Maximus actor Crowe is nothing but annoyed with the movie, and in particular the constant questions he gets about it. Appearing at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival (via ScreenDailyCrowe is clear when it comes to that Gladiator 2 The question, he is not amused. Check out what the star had to say in the space below:

“I should be paid for the amount of questions I had to answer about their f–king film. It has nothing to do with me; In that world I’m dead, six feet under, and that’s it.”

Crowe almost starred in a bonkers Gladiator sequel

Maximus looks out over the gladiator arena

Prior to planning for the current iteration Gladiator 2 came together, actually had a different idea on the table gladiator The sequel involves the return of Crowe’s dead character Maximus. Crowe recently described the resurrection of Maximus Happy Sad Confused Podcast:

He’s stuck in the world and the ideas we had to bring him back into the world, which is all fair and wonderful and we could do it – but these things require facing in the same direction. I was very, very busy, so I probably shouldn’t have given it to me.

Scott and company eventually moved on with a new conception from Busy Crow Gladiator 2 Centers on Lucius, the son of Maximus’ one-time lover Lucilla. Lucious is played by Paul Mescal, a returning Nielsen and Digimon Hounsou in addition to newcomers Pedro Pascal, Denzel Washington and Joseph Quinn.

Although Crowe is no longer involved gladiator Universe, actor Scott had some positive things to say about the sequel, saying The Ryan Tubridy Show That he thinks focusing on Lucius is a “Very smart idea in the world of movies that we have created.” Crow cannot bear any grudge against Scott or anyone else involved Gladiator 2 But the sometimes-prone actor has beef with reporters who constantly question him about a project he has no personal involvement with, and has made it clear he’ll be discussing his own projects, such as an upcoming music documentary. last breathand historical films Nuremberg.



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