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‘Gladiator 2’ Set Photos Reveal Massive Coliseum Under Construction

You don’t need to be a fan gladiator Marvel at some of the set photos Collider is debuting for you right now. But if you are hyped about Gladiator 2You’ll be happy to know that Paramount and Universal Studios and the director and producer Ridley Scott Taking it very seriously. During a visit to Malta, where he is currently attending the Mediterranean Film Festival, Editor-in-Chief of Collider Steve Weintraub managed to collect some images from the set of the highly anticipated movie, which started filming in Malta just a few days ago.

This location is revealed from the photos Gladiator 2 The scale is huge, and a huge coliseum – or at least a good part of it – is being built on the small island overlooking the Mediterranean. The photos also reveal the construction of several buildings, suggesting that an entire Roman cinema-city is coming to life in Malta. The huge set is held up by huge tents, suggesting that the workforce involved in putting the set together was heavy. Since they’re apparently all gone, it’s safe to assume that the production team will also put in hundreds of extras to simulate a screaming crowd. If the photos prove anything, there’s definitely room for everyone.

Since principal photography has just begun in Malta and set construction is clearly underway, it will probably be a while before we get to see Paul Mescal (After the sun), Denzel Washington (The Tragedy of Macbeth), and Pedro Pascal (our end) in costume as they begin to bring their characters to life. That Paramount and Universal decided to go with a real, life-size coliseum (rather than creating a CGI backdrop) for its most important scenes also suggests that the studio is confident about the project and the promising script. David Scarpa (All the money in the world) Check out the new set photos below.

What fans can expect Gladiator 2?

Gladiator 2 These are the kind of sequels that keep fans on their toes. Fans of the title are both excited for the return of the franchise and worried that the second entry may not live up to the original 2000 blockbuster. gladiator An undisputed modern classic, one of Scott’s masterpieces, and a movie that greatly enhanced his career Russell Crowe (Pope’s Exorcist) and Joaquin Phoenix (Joker: Folie à Deux) It was nominated for 12 Academy Awards, including Best Picture (which it won), Best Original Screenplay, and Best Director.

Details from its story Gladiator 2 Still kept under wraps, but it all points to Mescal playing an adult version of Lucius, who is the nephew of Commodus (Phoenix) in the first film. The cast also features Joseph Quinn (Stranger Things), May Calamawy (moon night), Connie Nielsen (wonder woman), Derek Jacobi (gladiator), Fred Hechinger (white lotus), and Simon Hounson (Gran Turismo)

Gladiator 2 Set to premiere in theaters on November 22, 2024. Stay tuned to Collider for news on upcoming movies as they are announced.




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