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Funko Releases New ‘Willow’ Pop! Figurines for 35th Anniversary

Willow Streaming may have a short time, but you can take the characters from the original 1988 film home with Funko’s new movie. Willow Pop! Image collection. The new figure features the main trio tasked with saving baby Elora Danaan from the evil Bavmorda (also one of the evil witch henchmen) featured in the classic fantasy film directed by Ron Howard.

The first of the figures is Willow Ufgood in the film, as played by Warwick Davies, in which Nelwin cradles the magical child Elora in her arms. Next comes the sixteenth (as played by Joanne Holley), Bavmorda’s daughter turned good by the love of Madmartigan. She comes complete with her hunting armor and sword, and the collection also includes a chase variant of the princess in her warrior helmet.

For fans who missed the allure of Madmartigan with the sword (Val Kilmer), he also wears his famous gold armor from the end of the film, as well as his iconic sword. Rounding out the figures is the looming General Kael, right arm of Bavmorda, menacing in his armor and skull helmet.

Willow Funkos
Image via Funko

Willow Its continued legacy

The first season of the sequel series Willow Debuts on Disney+ in November 2022 and ends its run in January 2023. The series is set years after the defeat of Queen Bavmorda and follows a new group of rag-tag heroes who face their inner demons and come together to save their world. However, it failed to make a similar cultural impact as its predecessor. At the same time, Disney was reevaluating its IP, as were Lucasfilm and Marvel Studios, and the series was expected to be caught in the crossfire of changing strategies.

However, serial producer Dr John Kasdan revealed that the decision has been made to allow the actors to pursue other projects. In a statement he said Twitter, “With all the TV and movies in production worldwide, it seems unfair to limit an actor’s availability without a clear idea of ​​when you’ll need them again.” Adding, “It’s all the more trivialized by the simple fact that the scripts we’re working on require just as many actors (from our first season) who have no such contractual hold.”

Willow Now streaming on Disney+ and the new Funko Pop! Figures are available on Funko’s website.



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