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Evil Dead Rise’s Look Was Inspired By Another Classic Horror Movie (Not Sam Raimi’s)

While already having an iconic look to the films, writer/director Lee Cronin revealed Evil Dead Rise Its style was inspired by other classic horror movies. Cronin took Evil Dead The movie takes the reins from franchise creators Sam Raimi and Fede Alvarez, who directed the first installment in the horror franchise without Bruce Campbell’s Ash and instead of Raimi. Moving the setting from the jungle to a dilapidated apartment building, Evil Dead Rise The franchise has garnered widespread praise for its twists on the formula and still delivers what fans have come to expect.

During a private interview with Dr Screen Rant For the film’s home media release, Lee Cronin discussed putting it together Evil Dead RiseIts unique visual style. The writer/director explains that visual language is on his mind when scripting a project, but he looked to other iconic horror movies outside of Sam Raimi’s classic filmography for inspiration. See what Cronin explained below:

“I’m very driven, when I write, I’m writing to direct, so a lot of these ideas were formulated during the development and writing process of the film. I’m not a filmmaker who – of course, coverage is part of filmmaking, but I try and find unique perspectives and aspects and ways of telling a story and constantly refreshing the visuals, giving you a new experience, not just from scene to scene, but Shot to shot. All these details really, and this is a film filled with many detailed close-ups and moments. I wish I could remember the number, because I knew and I forgot it, but I think we’ve got something like — somebody’s going to go figure it out and post it online, I hope, or maybe I’ll have to call my editor — I think we got like 2000 cuts in the movie where we cut from one shot to the next from the volume of the kind of dynamic visual energy that we wanted to capture. I try and pride myself on not just how things look, but how that look creates a tonality and feeds into the overall experience of the film. Because it’s quite—we enjoy the great outdoors in the opening, but once we get inside that building, it’s quite claustrophobic and locked down. My director of photography and I talked about a lot of things that we still wanted it to feel like on an epic canvas, the choices we made with the lens and how we wanted to approach it and still give you a lot. A kind of widescreen cinematic feel. We’ve talked about aliens, you’re trapped inside this inner spaceship, yet you feel that breadth, you feel that sense of vision, and that’s something we worked very, very hard in preparation for.”

Why Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead style remains so iconic

Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams in Evil Dead 2
More than 40 years have passed since the movie first hit theaters, but Raimi’s style is original. Evil Dead The movie and its sequels remain among the most iconic of the horror genre. The director’s dedication to realistic effects for highly gory and increasingly outrageous stories led not only to a confidence in DIY filmmaking among future storytellers, but also to a variety of darkly humorous natures. Evil Dead movie
One of Raimi’s more iconic elements Evil Dead What remains of the franchise after Alvarez and Cronin took the reins from him are the motion shots of the unseen Deadite Force running towards the protagonist through the scene, which the audience sees from the first-person perspective of the force. 2013 Evil Dead Rebuttal used it when Jane Levy’s Mia was first targeted for her possession, while Cronin’s Evil Dead Rise It is featured in multiple sequences, including its opening credits fake-out.
Raimi is unique Evil Dead The style will not be restrained when it comes to the horror genre, as he has carried it into his work in blockbuster films. spider man trilogy, Oz is great and powerful And Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. This influence even extended to other filmmakers, with John Watts adopting the Raimi cam style of quick zoom-ups on characters. Spider-Man: No Way HomeAn inclusion would make more sense for Tobey Maguire’s return for the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie.


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