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Evil Dead Rise Director On Potential Return & Other Directors Taking Over

Being the second new filmmaker not to be creator Sam Raimi, Lee Cronin is confident Evil Dead The future of the franchise Evil Dead Rise. Cronin’s movie serves as a standalone extension of the horror franchise, following a family living in a dilapidated apartment in Los Angeles who accidentally discover a version of Naturom Demonto And the Deadite uncovers evil. Scoring the best reviews for a Evil Dead After more than 30 years of movies, attention has now turned to the potential future of the franchise.

While talking exclusively with Screen Rant to discuss Evil Dead RiseOn its home release, Lee Cronin has been open about his potential comeback Evil Dead Franchise Although he and the creatives behind it aren’t looking to rush a follow-up, he indicated that the right people are happy with the success of the new movie, and he thinks he’s opened the door for other directors to join him. Check out what Cronin shared below:

Yes, I think the potential is absolutely there for that to happen. I think we are enjoying the success of this movie. I think it’s important that you don’t just try and wash something off right away. It was something that was always under discussion, because the funny thing about it, when we were talking and making the film, with Rob Tapert, who was on set while shooting, we would often talk about some different ideas that could actually take place. I think one of the things I did with Evil Dead Rises, though, was open it up more, potentially, to other voices. I think I’ve opened the universe a little wider than before. , and I think there’s a lot of potential there, especially now that three books are making it clear. It’s not just a funny moment in Army of Darkness, it’s actually part of the lore, it’s now part of the mythology, and thus begins to expand the canon. So, yeah, I’m a huge fan of it, they’re really fun, scary and challenging movies to make, and as a filmmaker, you want to be challenged. So, there are definitely thoughts and ideas that are floating around, and things that we discussed, and when and how that happens is up to the film gods.

How Evil Dead Rise Set Up Multiple Sequels

Evil Dead Rising book characters are dead
In the months since the movie’s release, Cronin has teased a variety of ideas for a possibility Evil Dead Rise The sequel, which centers on the prequel to Book of the Dead with a John Wick-like priest encountering the Deadites, as well as a direct story following Cassie and Beth after surviving the events of the movie. The former concept has been met with much enthusiasm by fans of the franchise, who feel it could reinvent the series and even return to some of its goofier roots.
Another reason is a prequel Evil Dead Rise The potential return of Bruce Campbell’s Ash Williams became a hopeful thought for audiences, especially after his sneaky cameo teased his Deadite-slaying hero after being displaced to another time in the post-medieval era. Army of Darkness. Campbell himself downplayed the possibility of portraying Ash in a live-action format in the future, opting for a new movie directed by Sam Raimi, instead interested in a film. Ash vs Evil Dead Animated show.
Another possible route for Evil Dead The future of the franchise is to return to Forest, as set up Evil Dead RisePart of the opening and closing is young adult Jessica murdering her friend and cousin in a lakeside cabin. As Cronin notes, multiple books are now confirmed to exist in the world, making it possible to go back to the franchise’s roots in isolated forest stories, or continue to explore new ground as such. Evil Dead RiseIts apartment building.


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