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DC’s New Superman & Lois Actors Were Predicted 3 Years Ago

when Superman: Legacy Finally tapped his new Clark Kent and Lois Lane, an old tweet from three years ago is gaining major traction as user James Gunn predicts the casting for the lead DC Universe movie. After several months of searching for the next big-screen film featuring Superman and Lois, Warner Bros. Discovery and DC Studios have officially found their leading pair, with David Kornshwaite and Rachel Brosnahan tapped. Superman: Legacy. The film is Gunn’s first proper entry into the DC Universe which will begin in 2025.

With DC Studios locking in for a new Superman and Lois reboot, social media is already buzzing. Superman: Legacy Casting announcement However, in a hilarious turn of events, an old tweet from December 1, 2020 @kunalibi Where the user directly predicted the casting of Corenswet and Brosnahan, even if it was for Matt Reeves batman the world.

When not tied batman franchise, the user was right in a sense, as their casting became part of an entirely new universe. Twitter didn’t take long to appreciate the 2020 predictions, with many fans sharing their reactions to the tweets about Korenshwaite and Brosnahan. Superman: Legacy. Check out some quotes below:

Everything we know about James Gunn’s new Superman and Lois Lane

Custom photo by James Gunn with David Corenswet and Rachel Brosnahan.

At this point, Gunn confirmed a few details about Lois and Clark Superman: Legacy And how the DC Universe will portray them differently from past live-action incarnations. With Superman specifically, the film will be a younger take on Man of Steel rather than a direct reboot. Instead, Superman: Legacy will explore Clarke in her early days as a superhero and protector of Metropolis.

Given that Brosnahan is only three years older than Corenswet, this version of Lois may actually be closer to her Superman age. the past superman TV shows and movies have traditionally portrayed Lois as a few years older than Clark, incl Smallville, Superman and LoisAnd iron man. This time, however, Gunn may want to explore both characters at the same time throughout their younger years Superman: Legacy and future DC Universe projects.

It will probably be a while until Gun reveals specific story details for Lois and Clark Superman: Legacy, as they still have several characters left to cast. But needless to say, this is a huge step for the Superman reboot which has finally locked down two leads as filming is said to begin in January 2024. Hopefully, if DC Studios has any presence at San Diego Comic-Con this summer, more news about Superman: Legacy May be published during their Hall H presentation.



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