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Commando Movie Remake Chances Addressed By Writer After David Ayer’s Failed Attempt

A decade after the last attempt fell apart, author Steven E. De Souza addresses the possibility of a possibility commando Movie remake. Hitting theaters in 1985, the original commando James Cameron came fresh from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s star-making turn the terminator And the action icon depicts a retired United States Army Special Forces colonel who races against time to rescue his daughter from a South American dictator. While not a critical favorite, it was a box office hit and is considered one of Schwarzenegger’s most iconic films to date.

During a recent interview with Dr Radio Times For a special screening of the film at the London Action Festival, Steven E. De Souza was previously asked about the cancellation commando Remake from David Ayer. The author didn’t elaborate much on the previous attempt, but has proven dubious in his feelings about getting the premise for another remake, it seems that no one can recapture Schwarzenegger’s charisma, although there is a stipulation for the remake. See what de Souza explained below:

You need these unique characters and they’re not just in motion pictures. I guess you can do that with The Rock but the Rock isn’t going to reboot anything. I don’t think it’s worth doing a reboot but if they do, please give the original ending!

Can a Commando remake still work?

The commando Years after Christian Bale jumped into the director’s chair, a remake with Ayer writing and directing was first announced in 2010 as being in development. Harsh Times and Keanu Reeves-starring Street Kings, both received generally mixed to negative reviews from critics. While it remains unclear why Ayer’s R-rated remake never got off the ground, it didn’t hold him back too much as he was critically acclaimed. End of viewing A couple of years later.
Although this remains one of Schwarzenegger’s fan-favorite action movies, there is one question commando The remake will be successful without the star cast. At the time of writing, only two of his projects have been given the remake treatment with Colin Farrell in the lead. Complete withdrawal and CBS’ true false The shows, both received generally mixed to negative reviews from critics and the former had a poor performance at the box office while the latter was canceled after only one season.
De Souza feels that The Rock may be the only one to take over the reins from Schwarzenegger commando Movie remakes can be a nostalgic idea for those who enjoyed their passing of the torch Rundown, though he noted that the modern action star is unlikely to do any remakes or reboots. He was once associated with Bikash Big problems in Little China Sequels, though his world is increasingly busy schedule Fast and furious, Red Notice Sequels and live-action Moana It makes it more unlikely for him commando mantle
Source: Radio Times


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