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Claim To Fame Season 2 Episode 1: Prediction & Clues (Spoilers)

Claim to fame Season 2 brings together 12 A-list celebrity relatives who are hiding their identities from each other to win a $100,000 prize, but there are many clues to find out who they really are. Hosted by Kevin and Franklin Jonas, the reality competition series premiered to much acclaim last year. The claim to fame The Season 1 winner was Keke Palmer’s sister, L’Oreal Chanel Palmer, and the runner-up was Jason Aldean’s cousin, Logan Crosby. Third place finisher Pepper Martin was Dean Martin’s granddaughter.

Like last season, in claim to fame In Season 2 Episode 1, the contestants introduce themselves to a game of Two Truths and a Lie, during which they share one lie and two facts about themselves. They also participated in a talent show, which allowed them to showcase their talents and personalities. In addition to these clues, the Clue Wall is back claim to fame Season 2. It’s filled with objects that may hint at the identities of 12 celebrity relatives. However, some signals are completely meaningless.

12 Carly

the time claim to fame In the 1st episode of the Two Truths and a Lie segment, Carly reveals that her celebrity relative is her uncle, who is a musician and Oscar winner. In his confession, he admits that he is one of the biggest actors in Hollywood, having had a long career since the 1980s. When the contestants first saw the Clue Wall, Carly was worried because there was a bench model that looked exactly like it. Forrest Gump. Tom Hanks’ name was mentioned by contestants when they saw the wall.

During the talent show, Carly went all out and sang, rapped and danced to an original song she wrote. In the lyrics, he mentions that his celebrity relatives are on TV, on Broadway and in magazines. He says look at her and her talent “It’s a gesture for free.” At the end of the performance, she even twerked. Chris said Carly reminded him of Jim Carrey. Gabriel thought his relative was as completely fearless as he was. JR predicted that Carly’s relative might be a comedian because he’s funny.

In the next episode, Chris confesses that he saw Carly as a distraction while raising Tom Hanks. Carly told him that Tom was too big and would be easy to guess. Chris then tells the camera, “Tom Hanks may be very famous for this house, but his celebrity relatives are not.” Hugo also noticed Carly’s reaction to Tom’s name. Because of this, when he was chosen as the guesser, Hugo correctly guessed that he was related to Tom. Carly was revealed to be Tom Hanks’ niece. He got upset and was removed and yelled that his clues were too obvious.

11 Chris

Claim to fame - Chris promotional photo
Chris shared that his celebrity relative received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. the time claim to fame Showcasing talent, she revealed that singing is her main talent, which is also true of her family member, who is a singer. He added that she looks a lot like him and even sings like him. Chris sang and played guitar very well, but Carly thought he chose it as his talent to throw everyone off. Jane said that Chris’s eyes looked like John Mayer’s, and Moan agreed.
10 Cole
Claim to fame - Cole's promotional photoThere weren’t many clues revealed about Cole On claim to fame Season 2, Episode 1. She shared that her celebrity relative is her father. For his talent, Chris spray-painted a canvas with the word love.

9 Gabriel

Claim to Fame - Gabriel promotional photoDuring Two Truths and a Lie, Gabrielle told her fellow contestants that her celebrity relative was her brother. He said he was an athlete and posed for the Heisman Trophy, which is a college football award. He also shared that his relative won an NAACP award. In Gabrielle’s confession, she said she lied about her celebrity relative being an athlete. She added that it was the one time in her life that nothing was working for her who looked like her celebrity relative. During the talent show, before Gabriel rapped, he told the camera that he was excited to perform because he hadn’t in years.

8 Hugo

Claim to fame - Hugo promotional photoHugo had two truths and a lie that his celebrity relative was his grandfather, an athlete who won a Nobel Prize. In his confession, he admits that he lied about being an athlete. He shared that, at one time, his grandfather was the most powerful man in the world. Perhaps this means that Hugo is the grandson of a former President of the United States. Hugo describes himself as very smart. He is an engineer, studying both electro-engineering and mathematics.

As for Hugo’s talent, he wanted to continue the tactic of making himself look more athletic, so that people would believe that his grandfather was an athlete. Therefore, he lifted weights. However, Carly immediately told the others, “He’s not an athlete.” Carly and Chris thought that Hugo was probably related to Buzz Aldrin because there was an astronaut clue and a bee for Buzz. They also thought the Nobel Prize formula might be related to lightning.

7 Jane

Claim to fame - Jane promotional photoFor his two truths and one lie, claim to fame Season 2 contestant Jen revealed that her celebrity relative is her father, a Grammy Award-winning musician. During the talent show, he played the ukulele. Jane sang a song about her beloved Jonas brother, Franklin.

6 JR

Claim to fame - JR promotional photoJR says his celebrity relative is his brother. In the next episode, he confesses that he lied to his brother about being in the NBA because people always tell him that he resembles basketball player Dwyane Wade. Gabriel believes him because of his shoe size, while Cole points out that JR has a beard like NBA player James Harden. However, during the talent show, when JR tried to show off some basketball skills, he didn’t make any of the shots he took. He fell and tore a ligament in his leg. JR was in the bottom two but was not selected as the guesser.

5 Cursin

Claim to fame - Karsyn's promotional photoClaim to fame Cursin said her celebrity relative is best known as a musician. In the talent show, she sang “Amazing Grace”. However, his singing was not the best. Nothing has been revealed about Cursin yet.

4 Mone

Claims to Fame - Propaganda images of the mindIn the Two Truths and a Lie segment, Monae states that her celebrity relative is her father, who is an athlete who won an Emmy. He then says that lying is his trick and that he lies about anything anyone can think of. When Hugo was ready to be a fortune teller, Carly shared with him and Travis that she thought Mona looked like Steve Harvey and could be her father. Carly said she’s been on television forever and probably won an Emmy. He also instructed “Family is everything” Sign on the Clue Wall, which he thinks may represent domestic disputewhich Steve hosts.

3 olivia

Claim to fame - Olivia promotional photoNot much has been revealed about Olivia claim to fame Episode 1. She reveals that her celebrity relatives are male, and her biggest award is a Razzie, which is a “Worst of” award. To display talent, he danced on a pole.

2 Shyen

Claim to Fame - Shayne promotional photoclaim to fame Season 2 Contestant Shine says her celebrity relative is her father. He said he was a musician who won a Grammy. However, one of these is false. During the talent show, he performed a card trick by guessing Kevin’s card. After Travis won the talent show with the privilege of choosing a wine room clue, he chose Shane. The clue is the king of the puzzle, coming to America and can be interpreted as a game of buckwheat. These sources point to actor and comedian Eddie Murphy.

1 Travis

Claim to fame - Travis promotional photoTravis claims his celebrity relative is his father, an actor who won a Critics’ Choice Award. the time claim to fame In a talent show, he dressed as a chef and recited the first 100 digits of pi. At the end of the presentation he said, “And that, my friends, is a proper pizza pie.” He then unveils a pizza with the number pie written on pepperoni. Travis admits that his talent will get him into it “Department of Burden” And who was his father was a big risk for him. However, he wanted to stand up to win immunity and he achieved that goal.

Hugo assumed that Travis was a scientist, engineer or mathematician because he was “That kind of vibe.” Jane said in her confession that she was 100% sure of her identity because she spoke in the same tone as her celebrity relative and recited Pi. He said that he was not even slightly subtle. Shayne and Monet later told Olivia and Gabrielle that they thought Travis was the son of astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. Shane said the clue wall has many space clues, including an astronaut, the moon and a space-themed bowtie. He adds that Travis looks like Neil.

claim to fame Off to an exciting start. As the episodes continue, the clues will keep coming. It will be interesting and fun to see who these contestants relate to Sure to come together as pieces claim to fame Season 2 continues.



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