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Charlie Hunnam & Sofia Boutella Embark on an Adventure

Zack Snyder Ready to start a rebellion with his upcoming feature rebel moon. The director is known for his elaborate world-building, brilliant production design, signature cinematography and love of slow-moving plots that span across movies. With his upcoming feature, he is billed as star wars Fans will embark on a quest that will take them to different parts of the galaxy with protagonist Korra (Sofia Boutella) who is on a mission to enlist warriors from across the galaxy to protect his home planet from the evil Imperium.

Empire Magazine has released new photos from the upcoming feature and they are a visual treat. The first picture is Boutella and see Charlie HunnamKai is having a conversation in a spaceship The ship’s design is reminiscent of old-school space movies. Another image shows a spaceship hovering over Earth while two massive explosions occur in the background. The images paint a good picture of what to expect but don’t give away any plot points.

Rebel moon May extend beyond two parts

The movie will see Korra assembling a team of galactic heroes to help her homeland, the peaceful moon of the Veld, stand against the demands of a particularly evil empire. ed screen Its admiral is Atticus Noble. The movie currently has a sequel in the works with more parts, according to reports, “If we narrow it down to a movie, we pretty much know how it goes. By page 15, we’re on the road. With a recruitment movie, trust me, I know,” Snyder says with a laugh, acknowledging his experience with previous movies about recruiting heroes.

Image via Netflix

Producer “I think this movie is an accumulation of everything he has done so far Deborah Snyder Further teasing, adding, “There’s a lot to it, and a lot of thought has gone into the production design and the language and the characters.” For the creators, viewers will feel the difference between the three-hour cut and their two-part approach, as Snyder notes, “It’s no surprise [single] movies. Four hours is a completely different kettle of fish.” With an ensemble cast and a lot of story to explore with a political plot, the movie certainly provides a good backdrop not only for a multi-part film franchise but also for many potential spin-offs.

While the first movie will focus on bringing the band together the next one will be much more explosive, its “a war movie, like a Normandy invasion film, but with the first hour in France,” teases the director. And of course, his France space. Although in a sci-fi setting, the emotional stakes will be much higher, “It’s very much a movie about, ‘What would you sacrifice yourself for?'” says Snyder. “Everyone is a little broken, but there’s a real catharsis in the journey.”

rebel moon Comes to Netflix on December 22. You can see the new picture below.

Charlie Hunnam and Sofia Boutella in Rebel Moon
Image via Netflix/Empire


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