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Celebrities That Got Their Start On Reality TV

We all start somewhere, and for many A-list celebrities, they had some humble beginnings. While some stars are born into their fame and others are in the right place at the right time, this is not always the case for everyone. In fact, many of our favorite celebrities got their start on everyone’s favorite gateway TV drug, reality TV. Let’s take a look at some of the famous icons who got their start in the unscripted genre.

Emma Stone

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Before he made us laugh very bad And made us cry Lala Land, Emma Stone Had a real TV time. In 2004, VH1 on In search of a new partridge familyLooking for people to act in the show The New Partridge Family. Stone takes the stage and shows off her singing chops that win her over and earn her a spot on the show. Unfortunately, the show was never picked up so no one got to see Stone play Laurie Partridge.

Laverne Cox

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Laverne CoxLGBTQ+ Activist and Star On Orange is the New Black Was hoping for once DD’s approval I want to work for Didi In 2008. The show featured people from all executive levels competing against each other through weekly assignments to become Diddy’s personal assistant. Cox was the first African-American transgender contestant on a popular reality show. He was eliminated after the second episode.

Kristen Wiig

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SNL And Bridesmaids the star Kristen Wiig, was once on a prank reality show. Played by Wiig The Joe Schmoe Show In 2003 as a cookie marriage counselor. The premise of the show was basically to make people feel like they were in a real reality show. He only appeared in Season 1 and actually suffered a head injury during an on-screen sumo wrestling match.

Cardi B


Billboard’s Woman of the Year In 2020, Cardi BOnce starred in two reality shows before becoming famous. He starred in season 6 Love and Hip Hop: New York Back in 2015 and earlier, he was on VH1of Black Ink Crew: New York. Black Ink Crew She had a brief appearance on screen when she worked as an exotic dancer. He gained instant popularity from Love and Hip Hop And was loved by all. Unlike many in the longtime franchise, he quit after a few seasons after his rap career took off.

Meghan Markle

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before being Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle There were stars in shows like this suit, Marriage with childrenAnd CSI: Miami. But even before that, Markle had her moment of fame from the reality TV lens. Markle was a briefcase girl America show Deal or no deal In 2006. Maybe he wasn’t a star, but it helped him until he found another gig.

Lady Gaga

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Lady Gaga is an icon. She sings, she is an activist, she is an entrepreneur and she is an actress. Before the pop star burst onto the scene with “Just Dance,” she was an unsuspecting guest MTV called a reality show boiling point In 2005. The name says it all as the reality show puts unsuspecting people in increasingly boring situations to see how long they have to blow it. Gaga could have been paid $100 if she made it through 14 minutes without exploding through the situation, but she didn’t. So no prize money won.

Chris Hemsworth

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The thor the star Chris Hemsworth, wasn’t always the A-list celebrity we know her to be. Before it hit the box office, Hemsworth was starring in it Home and awayAn Australian soap opera, and was in its Australian version dancing with the stars In 2006. She lasted seven weeks on the show before being kicked out.

John Hamm

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The crazy people the star John Hamm, was once a contestant on a dating show. In 1996, Hamm starred in an episode of the show big date. He tries to win a date with Mary, but even though he promises her a wonderful evening ending with a foot massage, Mary does not choose Joan as her big date.


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Beyonce Barber has proven time and time again that he rules the world, but before the world was his oyster, he starred in a reality competition show. In 1993, he acted Star Search As a 12-year-old with his group Girls time. The girl group came in second place on the biggest talent show on TV at the time.


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He didn’t always wake up early like Diddy, but he did wake up one day in 2005 to a reality show. who$ha It is star-studded Paris Hilton And Nicole Richie show simple life. He appeared in an episode in season 3 where Paris and Nicole interviewed men to date Keha’s mother, Pebe Seibert.



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