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Bryan Cranston Criticizes Lex Luthor Fancasting


breaking badIts Bryan Cranston criticizes fans who fantasize about him Lex Luthor, the actor sees it as lazy. James Gunner Superman: Legacy The DC Universe is bound to introduce a new Lex Luthor actor to carry the role, and fans have been clamoring for Cranston to play the character for some time. But the actor himself seems to be against the idea.

talking to Josh Horowitz above Happy Sad Confused podcast, Cranston revealed that he thought fans wanted him to play Lex Luthor “Lazy welding

Cranston became a household name due to his run as Walter White breaking badThe actor famously went bald on the show, which Cranston thinks was part of the laziness of fan casting, saying, “Because I was bald, they said ‘Ah! Lex Luthor!’ Like it, come on. Let’s think about this” See the full quote below:

“I think it was – I think you’re right, I think it was, like, lazy casting. One should have, eg, ‘lazycasting.com’ And I’m like ‘What is it?’ Because I was bald, they said ‘Ah! Lex Luthor!’ Like it, come on. Let’s think about it.”

Why is Lex Luthor so hard to cast?

Titus Oliver, Jesse Eisenberg and Gene Hackman in Lex Luthor's montage.
Lex Luthor is a very complex character, whose villain is Superman’s nemesis. The character has always had more going on in his mind than he allows others to see, which makes him an incredible threat to any DC hero. Luthor is essential for a difficult character to read, as the villain is known for his elaborate schemes, which come to life thanks to his vast wealth and genius-level intelligence.
Sadly, the comic book-correct version of Lex Luthor hasn’t often made it to the big or small screen, which proves why Lex is such a difficult character to cast. While Cranston has shown through his performance that he can certainly pull off a fine performance as Lex Luthor, the star is right to say that the complexity of the character asks that it’s lazy casting to think of an actor who physically resembles Luthor for the role. For a certain type of performance for the character.
Lex Luthor’s criticism of the song explains it perfectly, with this Superman: Legacy The writer/director has revealed that he is not a fan of Richard Donner’s portrayal of Gene Hackman in the Superman films, as Lex Luthor is much campier than he is in the film series. It needs to be played by someone with lex gravitas who can bring out the character’s calm and collected personality, maintaining a sarcastic tone behind his line delivery. Lex Luthor For the most part, Superman needs to be intimidating without being physically imposing, and only a few actors can pull that off.
Source: Josh Horowitz/twitter


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