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Brie Larson Shares Fast X Set Video Of Filming Her Biggest Action Scene

Fast X Star Brie Larson shared a new post on Instagram about how she filmed and trained for Tess’ big bridge action sequence. Serving as the tenth principal installment Fast and furious voting rights, Fast X Directed by Louis Leterrier and sees Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto face off against a new villain in the form of Jason Momoa’s Dante. The film brings together the franchise’s largest cast yet, with Larson joining Kurt Russell as Mr. Nobody’s daughter Tess.

Now, Larson has shared how she found Tess on Instagram Fast X The action scene came to life, showing the star shooting a rifle and jumping into a car in front of a big blue screen backdrop. Check out Larson’s post below:

The scene in question takes place on the same bridge as the one shown Fast FiveIn its climactic showdown, Dom, Tess and Imes (Alan Ritchson) team up for a big shootout. In her caption, Larson wrote: “Life Advice: Don’t mess with Tess especially when she’s wearing her big coat.

What’s next for Brie Larson’s Tess after Fast X?

Brie Larson takes on enemies in Fast X
It has already been confirmed Fast and Furious 11 A possible addition, is on the way Fast and Furious 12. Tess is injured but ultimately survives Fast X, so presumably he will return but the story continues. Almost no information about the follow-up movie has been released, though Fast X Various plot threads hanging on the last page.
With Dom’s fate (and the fate of some of his friends) hanging in the balance, the Fast X The ending also sees Dante’s God’s Eye, a hacking device that can be used for a variety of nefarious purposes. After recovering from her gunshot wound, it seems that Tess will do everything in her power to bring this technology back to prevent further disaster. As Mr. Karu’s daughter, Fast X He could set Larson’s character up for a more leadership role, following in his enigmatic father’s footsteps.
when Fast X The cast is one of the franchise’s most impressive, its size means that not every character gets to shine as much as they might otherwise. Tess, unfortunately, falls victim to this and can’t do much, which future films may correct. It remains to be seen how Tess’s story will unfold next Fast XBut character probably plays an important role moving forward.
Source: Brie Larson/ Instagram


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