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Book Your Stay at ‘Barbie’s “Ken-ified” Dreamhouse in Malibu

We still have a few weeks to go though barbie The upcoming 21st July paints the movie pink Greta Gerwig-directed film has so far presented a promising cinematic experience with its cohesive cast and outstanding set design. Of course, a barbie The film is incomplete without an overuse of pink, and the film’s cast members seem to have lived a full-on Barbie fantasy, as Barbie’s dream house is nothing short of pink.

Photojournalist John Schreiber uploaded an overhead shot of Barbie’s dream home on Twitter, which stands out from the rest due to its predominantly pink interior, complete with a water slide and “Ken” letter balloons floating in the home’s pool. Schreiber spotted the pink-filled scene from 10 miles away, the photojournalist speculated whether the house—which apparently barbie-Inspired—a publicity stunt or the exact shooting location of the film. However, although the house is completely covered in pink, it is not the set used for the film Margot Robbie-Acting barbie characteristics

The home in the clip was an Airbnb listing launched in 2019 called Malibu Dreamhouse. True to the whole concept of Barbie, the house offers a glamorous recreation of Barbie’s entire pink world. The listing has been on the market for some time, however, the vacation rental app announced today that the new “Ken-Fied” dream home will be available to book starting July 17 at 10 a.m. PT. Ravi walked everyone through the movie set in a set tour video previously uploaded to Architectural Digest. Designed by Sara Greenwood And Katie Spencer, the Barbie Dreamhouse drew inspiration from the mid-century modernism of Palm Springs, which Gerwig believes is “the fun of the Dreamhouse.” Check out photos of the new Airbnb listing below.

Barbie’s Journey to the Real World

This Barbie, it’s safe to say, is done just like a perfect doll. Its upcoming live-action adaptation barbie Follows the title character as he questions his entire existence. Despite the seemingly perfect and colorful world she lives in, she still feels that there is more to life than perfect Barbie land. However, all the barbies in her village seem happy with their beautiful lives. why (Ryan Gosling), as a supportive boyfriend, accompanies Barbie on her quest to explore the real world, but living among humans seems less colorful and more dangerous.

In addition to Robbie and Gosling, variations of Barbie and Ken join the cast, Kate McKinnon As Weird Barbie, Isa Rai As President Barbie, Alexandra Shipp As author Barbie, Emma McKee As physicist Barbie, Doa Lipa As Mermaid Barbie, and Ritu Arya As journalist Barbie, along Simu Liu, Scott Evans, Nkuti Gatoaand JOh Cena As Keynes. Michael is the best Ken’s friend will play Alan, while Helen Mirren Acts as a descriptor. Will FerrellOn the other hand, Mattel will act as CEO.

barbie Roller Skating will soon hit theaters on July 21. You can view the Malibu Dreamhouse below and book your stay for July 17.




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