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Blue Beetle Star Praises CGI In DC’s Upcoming Movie

Open about Xolo Maridueña Blue Beetle Movie costumes, he talks about the impressive CGI for Jaime Reyes’ super suit. While the DCEU is ending, there is a DC film in 2023 that is actually factoring into James Gunn’s DC Universe, which is Blue Beetle. Starring Mariduena as the titular hero, Blue Beetle Considered the first hero for the new DC Universe, it will begin in earnest Superman: Legacy In 2025.

with Blue Beetle Coming out in a month, Maridueña chats more about her experience working on the film, especially the Blue Beetle’s powerful super suit. In an interview with Dr Empire Online, the Cobra Kai star praised Blue Beetle’s work on the high-end costume. After watching the entire film, Mariduena marveled at the impressive CGI, sharing the following:

The suit is just incredible. This is the nicest suit out there. After watching the movie and seeing the CGI, I thought, ‘Okay, now that’s set in stone. It’s the most beautiful suit.’

Why is Blue Beetle’s super suit CGI so important?

Blue Beetle artwork

While CGI is important to any major motion picture, it’s more important than ever for DC Studios, in particular Blue Beetle The new DC Universe is having a soft start. The DCU has had one of the biggest films in recent years Flash, which has already become a box office bomb and received mixed reviews among critics. One of the biggest criticisms of the DCEU installment was the extreme use of CGI and how it actually looked in the final cut.

Hearing Mariduena’s praise for the way some of the action set pieces looked at controversial multiverse cameos that were mostly done in CGI Blue Beetle The costume couldn’t have come at a better time. If CGI even continues to see disaster before they get Superman: Legacy, it won’t help the reputation of the DC Universe. is given Blue Beetle Max (formerly known as HBO Max) was moved from original to a theatrical production, hopefully reflected in the increased budget.

Based on the first Blue Beetle In the movie trailer, the super suit already looks amazing, probably because the costume was practically made and added with CGI. It will be interesting to watch the movie in its entirety and see how the finished CGI is received by the public. Hopefully, as the film nears its release, DC Studios will debut a finale Blue Beetle The DC Universe era trailer debuts in August.



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