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9 Men From The 90 Day Fiancé Franchise That Debbie Aguero Should Avoid Dating (& 1 Perfect Match)

90 Day Fiancé Star Debbie Aguero has been single since her split with Osama Barber, and that means she has a long list of cast members she could choose from to make her next boyfriend. The 67-year-old from Sugar Hill, Georgia was introduced to reality TV viewers 90 Day Fiancé: Another Way Season 4. Debbie is moving to Morocco where she will marry 24-year-old Osama, whom she met online and has known for the past four years.

While Debbie wanted to settle in Morocco with a man 43 years her junior, Osama was not ready to marry her. Osama was Debbie’s Prince Charming. He helped her out of a dark place after her second husband cheated on her. They formed a connection over their shared love for art and poetry. But in the end, Osama and Debbie were on different pages when it came to thinking about their future together. Osama made it clear that his plan was to go to the US and if that didn’t happen, their relationship was over.

10 Ronald Smith (Skip)

South African Ronald Smith was introduced as Tiffany Franco’s long-distance partner. 90 Day Fiancé: Another Way Season 1. Ronald and Tiffany get married and welcome a baby girl on the way, but end up going through several breakups and getting back together. Tiffany eventually breaks up with Ronald 90 Days: The Single Life, but he might be able to date someone Debbie. Debbie is blunt and outspoken even when speaking in riddles, but Ronald is notorious for throwing shade at Tiffany, as he calls her “Twinkle twinkle“Video. Debbie’s soft heart wouldn’t be able to take it if they ever split up.

9 Mike Youngquist (Skip)

90 Day Fiancé Mike Youngquist
Natalie Mordovtseva’s partner Mike Youngquist has been getting a lot of thirsty comments on his Instagram since his wife left him. Natalie has been accused of using the mic to get a green card, which helped her gain sympathy from fans. Mike and Debbie might make a great couple, but he has yet to be seen dating an older woman. Except Mike is already close to his own mother, Trish Youngquist, who was one of the reasons Natalie left the relationship. Mama’s boy Mike may never meet another motherly figure in his life, and Debbie is definitely someone who infantilizes his romantic interests.
8 Singin Colchester (Avoid)
Images alongside Singin Colchester from 90 Day FiancéSingin married Tanya Maduro of Colchester 90 Day Fiancé Season 7. The couple had very different personalities, and as they headed toward divorce, they began to disagree over Singin’s drinking habits or his desire not to have children. If Debbie decides to date Singin, she will have to join his adventurous personality on his adventurous escapades. He won’t be able to keep up with her, considering how she’s used to living in splendor and comfort. Moreover, Singin and Debbie have little chance of being jealous of each other’s long-running manes.

7 Tim Malcolm (Skip)

Tim Malcolm in 90 Day FiancéTim Malcolm and Jennifer Tarazona’s relationship failed to work out 90 Day Fiance: 90 days ago Season 4. Tim was more focused on her beauty routine than getting to know Jennifer better personally. Even if Debbie isn’t interested in forming a physical bond with her younger partners, she craves attention. And while Debbie may have an elaborate beauty routine of her own that keeps her skin looking so radiant and fresh at age 67, she may feel insecure when Tim pulls out his collagen eye pads.

6 Jihoon Lee (Skip)

Jihoon Lee from 90 Day FianceDevan Clegg met her husband Jihoon Lee from South Korea on a dating app. The couple fought over things like money, moving, and mostly Jihoon’s job, which affected his ability as a father. Divan leaves Jihoon for America after accusing him of hurting his daughter. Jihoon has been missing from social media ever since, so it would be a miracle if Debbie somehow found a way to date him.

Since Jihoon, like Osama, was without a job and even lived with his parents, Debbie’s family would not approve of him either. Debbie will be left to support Jihoon with her own money and translate Korean on a translating device instead of drinking Texas margaritas with soju in them.

5 Pedro Jimeno (Skip)

Pictured alongside Pedro Jimeno of The Family ChantelleChantel Everett’s ex-husband Pedro Jimeno is a worthy one 90 Day Fiancé There is no news of Pedro dating anyone new since he filed for divorce from Bachelor Chantel. Debbie dating Pedro involves her family drama. Debbie is unlikely to get along with Lydia Morrell, and her sister Nicole Jimeno will give Debbie a similarly hard time with Chantelle. Unless Debbie wants to experience dinner fights, Pedro’s narcissistic personality, and undue attention from his female fan club, she should avoid him.

4 Caesar Mac (Avoid)

Caesar Mac from 90 Day Fiancé at a RestaurantCaesar Mack has shown an interest in dating Ukrainian women every time he visits one 90 Day Fiancé At first, Maria caught the attention of the nail technician, but when he refused to meet her despite sending her $40,000, things ended between the couple. Caesar hired a matchmaker who matched him with three new Ukrainian women, and he began dating Alona. The relationship saw an early demise due to the situation in Alona’s country. Cesar is now single and ready to hook up with Debbie, except he’s already looking for the next Ukrainian woman to make his new girlfriend.

3 Jessie Mister (Avoid)

Jesse Meester has often demonstrated smooth rice 90 Day Fiancé, he might be able to woo Debbie in an instant. Jesse also has experience dating older women, considering his stint with Darcy Silva. His new relationship with Jennifer looked like it was going to last, but alas, Jesse proved that he could never be in a successful relationship even if he dated someone as healthy as Debbie. Still, Debbie and Jesse have completely different lifestyles. She doesn’t seem to be swayed by Jesse’s brand and fast cars as she is looking for a man who will enjoy her company and not rely on luxuries to make herself happy.

2 Usman “Sojaboy” Umar (Skip)

90 Day Fiancé's Usman looks at the camera holding his sunglasses and wearing a gold chain with his jean jacket.Perhaps the biggest name on the list to avoid Debbie is Usman Umar aka Sojboy. Usman has a reputation in the franchise and it’s almost a pattern for him to date older American women. Usman was first with Lisa Ham and even married her. After the relationship ended in divorce, Osman’s next partner was the very vulnerable Kim Menzies, who broke up with him just before he applied for his K-1 visa. Debbie could have turned down Osama’s offer and not brought him to the U.S. However, Osman’s ultimate goal is to become a global superstar, and there is no way he would move to Nigeria instead.

1 David Murphy (Prince Charming)

David Murphy and Lana 90 Day Fiancé: 90 days agoDavid Murphy was not at 90 Day Fiancé It’s time for him to return to the franchise over the years, and perhaps with a franchise co-star. Since his breakup with Lana, David has been linked to Amira Lolisa. He even went RV shopping with her, but it seems a relationship never materialized. David loves to spoil his partners. He spent over $300,000, which could buy Debbie an endless supply of feather boas, cowboy boots and peacock purses. Also, David and Debbie are only a few years apart in age, and she admits she wants a man her own age. Debbie said ETThere are no old people there.” As for him, but David could prove him wrong.

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