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1920 – Horrors of the Heart Review

1920 – Horrors of the Heart A story of a woman avenging her father’s death. Meghna (Avika Gore) lives in Bombay (now Mumbai) with his father Dhiraj (Randhir Rai). When Meghna was young, her mother Radhika (Barkha Bisht) Tagore left Dhiraj. Radhika is in love with Arjun (Danish Pandor) and plans to marry him. Dheeraj committed suicide a day before his birthday. Meghna is devastated. A day after his death, he found a book written by him. It mentions that Radhika belittled Dheeraj as poor. It also says that she started sleeping with Brits for money because she wanted to get rich. One day he poisons Dheeraj. Dhiraj survives but it causes irreparable damage to his body. Radhika leaves Dhiraj and Meghna behind. She married the very rich Shantanu Tagore (Rahul Dev) and settled with him in his palace on the Kosha Hills. Meghna gets angry and wants to take revenge from her mother. This is when the spirit of Dhiraj appears. He tells Meghna that he will help her take revenge. Meghna goes to Kosha Hills and meets Shantanu. Radhika feels shy to meet Meghna and refuses to see her. But Shantanu and Radhika’s daughter Aditi (Ketaki Kulkarni) develops a crush on Meghna. Meanwhile, Dheeraj instructs Meghna to target Aditi to avenge her death and humiliation. What happens next forms the rest of the film.

1920 - Heartbreak

The story of Mahesh Bhatt and Suhrita Das is different from the rest of the novels and Bollywood horror films. Instead of the heroine being obsessed, here she is the one who creates the madness and there are shades of grey. Screenplay by Mahesh Bhatt and Suhrita Das sadly does not do justice to the plot. Shweta Bothra’s dialogues are very filmy.

Krishna Bhatt’s direction is not up to the mark. He directed a few scenes with Panch. But otherwise, his execution is outdated. It doesn’t look like a 2023 movie and feels like a movie from 2 decades ago. Moreover, things happen conveniently. Radhika could have told Meghna the truth in the very beginning, but the makers incredibly portrayed that the two never got a chance to speak. An old, loyal butler is murdered and yet, no one in the family even cares or wonders where he has disappeared to. The most poignant aspect is Mali’s character who seems to know everything. One hopes to contribute to his finals. Surprisingly, he is nowhere to be seen when he is needed most.

Talking about the performances, Avika Go has a beautiful screen presence and handles the lead role well. Barkha Bisht has also done an excellent performance. Rahul Dev is beautiful. The surprise of the film is Ketaki Kulkarni. Danish Pandora is fine. Randhir Rai and Amit Bahl (Tantrik) are at the top. Avatar Gill (Chowdhury; Butler) is fine. Arvendra Pratap (gardener) hams and how.

Puneet Dixit’s music is meant to be lively but doesn’t have the desired effect. ‘lorry’ Sometimes the best ‘oh story’, ‘Ai Zindagi’ And “Emergency Hai” Failed to register. The background score is terrific.

Cinematography by Prakash Kutty is neat. Naushad Memon’s production design is theatrical. Moses Fernandez’s action works because it’s not too gory. Sriyanka Sharma’s outfits don’t match the era depicted. VFX is very bad. Also, the way the flashback scenes are presented feels straight out of a poorly edited amateur video. Kuldeep Mehan’s editing could have been sharper.

Overall, 1920: Horrors of the Heart boasts a great story but fails to impress due to outdated execution and too many loose ends.




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